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  1. Firearms in the News sounds like he baited what he had hoped would be a hard core bad guy...instead some dirtball kids up to no good.........
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I posted alot into the "What are you listening to?" thread. But i feel this is not appropriate. So i opened this thread. Anyone who likes this kind of video can watch this thread. Anyone who hates the German Bundeswehr is free to ignore me. I think this is the best way to deal with it. If there...
  3. Gun.Deals
    German Military Kevlar Helmet - $99 or less + Free Shipping
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Any leads on ANY solid black German Shepherd Pups or young ones up to and not over 6 months old? And NO I am not going out of state again, So no breeders out of state travel please. Looking to buy one Male.
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    friend of mine has a Blink model signal lamp from WWII. Dated 1936 or 1938 if i recall. Comes with the lamp, cord, hand switch, and carrying case. it looks like this below.... whats the value of these? I cant find any info on them regarding worth. There was only a small informational post...
  6. Rifles
    oh yeah. that's right. :yay: They are an all-matching (no import stamp) Mauser, BYF 1944 (Oberndorf factory), and an all matching Russian SKS, Tula factory, 1951, not re-arsenealed. Pretty freakin' sexy, you ask me. :cheers:
  7. Rifles
    well, sorta. :jester: As my Dad always used to say, "don't neglect your wood" (I'm pretty sure it was gun advice, as well as marital advice, but I digress...). Here's a great way to treat your wood stocks on some of your collectible MilSurp rifles. For me, I gotta stay historical, and I aim to...
  8. Rifles
    well, yeah. here she is. A sexy 69 year old German girl in a chair. :)
  9. General Firearms
    I found a few of these East German bakelite mags at a gun show on vacation. I was interested in buying them as the EG bakelites are definitely preban but didn't because I had no idea what they are worth. What is considered a good price for them? And what's the preban mark up on one of these if I...
  10. Firearms in the News
    I thought this was cool. World War II-Era German Assault Rifle Discovered At Connecticut Gun Buy-Back
  11. DIY Projects and Builds
    I got a good deal on a somewhat rare variant of the K98K. This rifle was made in the last days of WWII (serial number would point toward late February or early March 1945 by Gustloff Werke (receiver code BCD) Apparently these were produced using forced labor from the Buchenwald Concentration...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    My family just adopted from Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue. I highly recommend them to anyone considering the breed. Just have patience and they will find you great dog.
  13. General Firearms
    We've been experimenting with leaving our dog in the house without being kenneled and after a few setbacks we tried keeping him in the bedroom with nothing to chew...we thought... It's back to solitary confinement for him. Would anybody like to buy a dog? Or perhaps a slightly used glock 19...
  14. Other For Sale
    German Shepherd Puppies!! PRICE DROP I Am Helping My Friend Out To Sell His Puppies :) These Puppies Are The Best Of The Best! German CHampion Bloodlines, AKC Registered, Mother And Father Both Parents On Premises And Very Well Socialized Available Now (Just In Time For Christmas!!) 3 Males, 3...
1-16 of 22 Results