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  1. Rifles
    I just got this garand and I thought I would share. New M1 Slideshow by pappasue | Photobucket
  2. Curios and Relics
    Not owning one I found this interesting. How to load the M1 Garand the US Army way - YouTube
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I am sure this question has been asked but I could not find an answer. Is the M! Garand considered an AW under the UNSAFE Act? If so why? If not why? Thanks!
  4. Curios and Relics
    The good news is that CMP is offering a a three day course to build your own M1 under the supervision of their gunsmiths. They ran a pilot earlier this month. It was quickly sold out. They have set a schedule of courses throughout 2014. The bad news is that the course is held only in Anniston...
  5. Curios and Relics
    Jerry Miculek shooting the M1 Garand as fast as he can pull the trigger, with a 1000fps camera watching him. Beautiful footage! Skip to 2:20 if you don't want to hear him gabbing, as he usually does at the start of his videos.
  6. Rifles
    I'm doing a presentation in one of my college classes on the M1 Garand and need some info on the Rifle today. The overview of the presentation is as follows. •Specifications •Production •History •Video (Military Channel Top 10's) •Evolution •Today I have all but Today complete and need some...
  7. Curios and Relics
    So I got to fire my M1 at a range a few days ago, this was the grouping after adjusting the sights a little (it was custom built) to get it centered. 50 feet, awkwardly trying to use the range table as a rifle rest (this range is built more for pistols so its a bit high) M1...
  8. General Firearms
    I'm about ready to order a garand threw cmp. With all the new ammo crap looming overhead what are your thoughts on getting on in 308? My plan was to order greek ammo threw cmp but idk if that's gonna happen. I wont be loosing anything going 308 and ammo should still be available locally much...
  9. Rifles
    I'm looking for some advice on M1 Garands. So a friend recommended CMP when I asked where to buy the best quality M1 Garand at a reasonable price. I looked at their website and it's a little confusing. Something about being a member in an excepted club? It also makes no reference to C&R holders...
  10. Rifles
    Sorry for posting 2 threads back to back. Im looking to get another gun. I'm torn between a Springfield Armory M1A, a Ruger Mini-14, and a good old M1 Garand. Ihave had an awesome experience with my ruger 10/22 and the mini-14 is at a good price. The M1A is just a beast but is just too costly...
  11. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I have looked at every post I could find dealing with the M1 Garand, but still have a question. Even though they are grandfathered in, do they need to be registered simply because they are semi-automatic?
  12. General Firearms
    I'm in a bit of a conundrum here... I'm definitely buying the VersaMax for 3-gun competitions and want at least one other of those listed above (maybe two, but it'll be a while). So, if you could have just one of the other three (for now), which would you buy first and why? My thoughts are as...
  13. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Are these OK under SAFE or do I need to open all of those sealed can's? Ken
  14. Curios and Relics
    I bought this rifle a little while ago and found that I actually had a "harder" to find rifle. Not because of any design or anything, but because of the serial number range that it falls in. There were only 6,152 Springfield Armory Garands produced in this serial number range. Not too hard to...
  15. Ammunition and Reloading
    I have a M1 Garand that I would like to use for deer hunting. The ammo that I have is military and wrong for hunting. Does anyone know of any ammunition manufacturer that makes ammo for the garand that I can use for hunting. Thank you for any assistance.
  16. Rifles
    I decided to sell off my two Yugoslavian Mausers after trying to shoot them and having an issue with them. Anyways, the ending result was much better, selling the two rifles ended up funding me another M1 Garand. This Garand came with a reproduction sling, but I have a 1955 dated MRT sling...
  17. Curios and Relics
    I sold my Winchester parts Garand that I bought from a member on here (Don't worry man, it went to a CMP guy who needed a Winchester receiver to finish up a Winchester build he was doing, it's in a good home) and used the money to fund my friend who built me, from as many NOS parts as he could...
  18. Curios and Relics
    There seems to be a lot of replacement stocks out there for Garands. I bought the Garand to shoot and a nicer looking stock is important but, I'm stuck between refinishing the original or buying a perfect aftermarket black walnut stock and selling the original. Take a look at what I have and...
  19. Rifles
    Made a quick trip up to CMP in Anniston Alabama to check out some M1 Garands 2 M1's, 2000 rounds of 30-06, a few extra parts/pieces and $3200 later, yeah it was an expensive trip. *I keep editing the pictures, trying to get them to appear as the medium size pics you can click on to make larger...
  20. Rifles
    I guess my concern starts with if ny will consider an en bloc a detatchable mag- we all know it is not but logic is not part of this obviously. For the sake of argument let us say it is. It would seem removing the bayonet lug would even things out- how about some opinions. My hope is to add a...
1-20 of 70 Results