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  1. Pistol Permits
    FYI. The Fulton County civil division's printing/card making machine has been FIXED!
  2. Pistol Permits
    Looking for information on Fulton County. How long from a drop off of your application for a 'review' before they call to schedule an appointment to 'Submit' the application? How long after that before the process is complete, and permit issued? I searched and couldn't find much. I know all...
  3. Pistol Permits
    My wife and I are on the market to buy a house, and we found a great place in Fulton County. Since Schenectady County no longer does out-of-county permit transactions any longer, they make you transfer to your new county. Is Fulton County one of the few counties that issue a concealed carry...
  4. Pistol Permits
    So Darthgamer138 has a good thread on the Montgomery County Pistol Permit process. That's from 2011. I'm currently going through the process now and though it would be good to post on how it's going now here in Montgomery County. So here goes. I called in the beginning of September and...
  5. Introductions
    Hey guys, signed up a while ago mostly to follow updates on the SAFE ACT and any other new laws. Looks like a cool place. Look forward to hanging out here. Thanks, Mike
  6. Competitive Shooting
    Reminder the GSSF match is coming up this week end in Fulton NY. This is an excellent venue to get into competitive shooting. Glock Sport Shooting Foundation We plan on driving up on Friday Night and Competing on Saturday Anybody else going One of the great things about owning a glock is if...
  7. Pistol Permits
    Dropped off an amendment form this afternoon and the clerk said it will be ready 10 AM tomorrow :D
  8. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Assemblyman Will Barclay has a survey on his Facebook page. There is a question about gun control and one about the governors performance. Let him know what you think! Will Barclay represents the 120th assembly district
  9. Introductions
    Just joined and wanted to say hello. Hope this forum helps me navigate the insanity Albany is putting into law.
  10. Ammunition and Reloading
    As of about 15 minutes ago Fulton Walmart has 3 boxes of 9mm fmj winchester 100 round value pack.
  11. Introductions
    Hello; I just found this site and had to sign up. Recently retired and now I have the time to do some more shooting. My main interest is in 22's
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Video speaks for itself
  13. Firearms in the News
    "The Office of Sheriff of Fulton County currently has no plans to seek out guns or related materials and there are presently no plans to maintain related [NY SAFE act] registrations locally following the recent passage of the NY SAFE act. Our office has been overwhelmed with telephone inquiries...
  14. Pistol Permits
    My daughter was issued an unrestricted pistol permit for Fulton County last year. She got a new plastic permit and I replaced mine with a plastic permit also. Fulton Co now has the ability to check mental health records on line in Civil Office. It has sped permit time up alot.
  15. Rifles
    I purchased this barrelled receiver and am now having a problem trying to get it shipped to NY. In anyone's experience is this receiver with a pistol grip stock illegal to ship to/own in NY? On the end of the barrel is what is classified as a compensator, however pinning it is dangerous...
  16. General Firearms
    Anyone on Long Island know of an FFL shop that will do a transfer on a brand new M14 from Fulton Armory? Bensons Gun Shop in Coram, NY just came up with a policy that they will not do FFL Transfers on new guns. Thank you. Henry
  17. Introductions
    My name is Steve and have been shooting for 8 yrs. I work at a local PD and also shoot for fun.
  18. Competitive Shooting
    Anybody going to this event. We will be there on Sunday.
  19. Pistol Permits
    Fulton County is pretty laid back with how they deal with permits. Some of the things the Civil Office does just amaze me. Quite a few years ago when I had my restrictions lifted I proudly walked into the CO with my letter from the judge and asked to have my restrictions removed from my...
  20. Competitive Shooting
    So the wife and I shot our first GSSF today at Pathfinder Fish & Game. We had a great time, enjoyed it so much we signed up to shoot an additional division. As far as GSSF representative, he was very helpful and informative. The staff at the club were top notch, the club was in very good...
1-20 of 29 Results