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    An aluminum paneled truck Will aluminum Ford F-150 be a rolling beer can? An interesting idea that has some merit. Hopefully Ford did it's homework and they turn out well for the long run.
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    So it appears that Rob Ford actually now admits to smoking crack. Not surprising to me. But does anyone else think he looks like Chris Farley's "In a van down by the river" character? Toronto mayor admits he smoked crack
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    Any mechanics out there? I've got a 2008 F350 and its starting to make alot of noise like a shock is bad or something while driving. Like a metal/metal rubbing when going over bumps. It gets a lot worse if there is weight in the back. What really concerned me though was I was parked in a...
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    Ooops! YouTube - Hillary Clinton Falls While Boarding Plane
1-4 of 4 Results