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  1. Ammunition and Reloading
    These suckers are tough to find. I think Hornaday has slowed/stopped production on them. So, I'm wondering if anyone has seen these around? Not picky on weights (150-170gr), and I'll shoot lead, too. Just want something I can run thru my lever. Even Beikirch's doesn't have anything in...
  2. Gun.Deals
    Boyt Harness Gun Cases - Up to 50% off @ Woot + $5 Flat Shipping
  3. Ammunition and Reloading
    So, since it seems that these are made of either gold, or unobtainium, has anyone tried flattening the nose of a 30-06 bullet to use in a 30-30? Or maybe a .308?
  4. Gun.Deals
    In Stock - USED .30 Cal Ammo Cans - $9/$10 + $4.99 S/H for 5 or more with code SH199
  5. Other For Sale
    I have had this for around 5 years. Works flawlessly has never needed any repairs ever. Recently the software/drivers. Philips Table top TV stand, Omni built-in level wall mount, remote included. TV was $2599 new looking to get around $1000 obo for it. Motivated to move it so I can get a bigger...
  6. Firearms For Sale
    New and unfired. Comes with 5 magazines. 1 of the magazines has a flat buttplate for better concealment. Comes in the nice big Springfield box with all the parts including mag pouches and holster. All original parts including instructions manuals, cleaning kit etc... The only thing I've done to...
  7. Gun.Deals
  8. Gun.Deals
    Smith & Wesson Extraction & Evasion Knives - $19 + $5 Flat Shipping @ Woot
  9. Firearms in the News
    LOL......Lucky guy....Almost....! This guy ordered a Flat Screen TV from Amazon and got a Sig 716 instead left on his doorstep.....Of course,the anti-gun activists were all over this one....Check out the video.... Seth Horvitz, D.C. Man, Orders Television Online, Gets High-Powered Assault Rifle...
  10. Gun.Deals
    50 Rounds Federal American Eagle 9mm 115 Gr - $10.99 + $5 Flat Shipping over $99
  11. Gun.Deals
    PMC High-Velocity Buckshot - $2.79 + $5 Flat Shipping on orders $99 or more Rio Buckshot 12 Ga 5 Rnds - $3.29 + $5 Flat-rate Shipping
  12. Gun.Deals
    Herter's Select-Grade Brass Ammo .40 S&W 50 rounds - $12.99 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping Herter's Select-Grade Brass Ammo .40 S&W 50 rounds - $12.99 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping
  13. Gun.Deals
    Russian 7.62x54R 147-gr. SILVER TIP (Rusty Can) 440 - $67.99 + $9.95 Flat S/H
  14. Gun.Deals
    Federal Premium 22 LR Champion 525 Rounds - $14.99 after $5 MIR ($5 Flat Shipping) This is online at Gander Mountain. Shipping is free on everything but there is a $5 surcharge on any order that contains ammo. Other ammunition is on sale at Gander Mountain, see here.
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Just tried going to Gander Mountain and hit something on my way there. Of course, this resulted in a flat tire. Spent the next 45 mins or so changing it, went back to see what it was and it was a gigantic pothole. Luckily, somebody (copper I suspect) put a flare up next to it to warn people...
  16. Rifles
    I currently have an Stag AR with a flat top upper with the removal carry handle/rear sights. It currently has the standard front sight tower. I'm thinking of getting something like 3-9x scope for shooting out to further ranges (100-200yds or so). I have fun now just shooting 50yards or so...
1-16 of 16 Results