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  1. DIY Projects and Builds
    After shooting a buddy's XDs with the green fiber optic front site, I decided to do the same. The green seems much, much brighter to me than the factory installed red one. Very easy to do, just follow the directions in the manual. Hardest part is cutting off the tiny bulb of the fiber optic on...
  2. Shotguns
    this is a NY unsafe act 7 round tube. I think it looks pretty sharp. Its actually a carbon fiber vinyl wrap.
  3. Firearms For Sale
    selling my first gun,i hope i can pass it on to some body so they can get there first gun.nice shape no rust, i killed alot of deer back in day with it. I LIVE IN THE BATH/CORNING /ELMIRA AREA
  4. The AR-15
    These guys went under and their stuff was bought by Bushmaster. They no longer list the compatible accesories. The no threaded barrel with the detent feature was interesting.
  5. Rifles
    I want to make a lightweight hunting rifle for my winter project and was looking at a carbon fiber wrapped barrel for my build. Any comments gentlemen?
  6. General Firearms
    What should I know about this? How do these hold up? Accurate? I'm buying a 10-22 that has a carbon fiber barrel and stock.
  7. Gun.Deals
    TRUGLO Fiber Optic handgun sight set for Glocks, XDs, M&Ps and other from $50 shipped
  8. Handguns
    I would like to put a HiViz fiber optic front sight on my P95 but the description includes "...HiViz recommends gunsmith installation for all dovetail sights. Due to manufacturing tolerances, some firearms may require additional fitting...." and I really don't want to mess this up, nor do I...
  9. Pistol Accents
    We just added a line of Carbon Fiber 1911 Gun Grips.. These are pretty cool Carbon Fiber 1911 Gov't Flat Bottom Grips
  10. DIY Projects and Builds
    I was looking for a better sight option for my PF9 and was not finding anything. I tried Nightsites and they pretty much suck during teh day and if not "charged" are even worse at night. So I bought a new rear site from Kel Tec....$1.00 no shipping. Drilled it out and slid HiVis fiber optics...
1-10 of 10 Results