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    Hollywood Actor After Critical Stance Against Obama: ""I don't expect to work again," Woods tweeted when asked if he was concerned about getting work in Tinseltown after hammering the Obama administration. "I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country...
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    For a friend's bday I was hoping to commission someone to make a cartoony depiction of her with a couple characters from her fave show. I have some examples of what I would love but am open to any styles. Any interested artists, let me know.
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    My family are big Yankee Fans the only reason I get Direct TV is Yes, if it was;nt for that I'd would have it. So this year I'll travel to Toranto to See them rather than NYC, 1st off its easy tickets cheaper the new Statium I will not be supporting the NYC arae period. My money will stay in...
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    I saw this.... Tactical Assault Crossbow - TAC 15 :cool:
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    FYI, if you are on Facebook, there is a page for the Empire State Arms Collectors on there. It has show date there also. Here is the link:
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    Hey guys, not long ago I bought a CZ-82 in 9mm Makarov. I haven't shot it much yet but it's one of the most ergonomic pistols I've ever held. It's a mid sized pistol that fits the hand well and balances like a dream. They cost between $150-$200, I've seen them priced for $300 too so it pays to...
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    In ZZ Top's 1981 song "Groovy Little Hippie Pad" we enjoy Billy Gibbons singing; "I'm gonna find me a blonde-haired mama, in a Jeep with a German Shepherd by her side. I'm gonna find me a blonde-haired mama,with boots and a forty-four on her thigh." Three years later James Cameron's 1984 film...