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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Here it is- anybody fathom a guess why it doesn't have to be registered?
  2. Rifles
    I want to 3d model as many receivers as I can to upload them to but I'm having trouble finding the blueprints and stuff for the receivers. I really want to make an FN FAL receiver but the only blueprints I can find are blurry and pixellated. If anyone can link or attach .pdf files or...
  3. Rifles
    Does anyone know of a gunsmith that does a reliable metric to inch FAL mag conversion? I purchased a Century L1A1 with an inch receiver but it only came with metric magazines. I was hoping I could just convert the magazines versus buying all new. I am in the Long Island area.
  4. Rifles
    Not mine but I know quite a few people on here wanted one, and this one is pretty local. Price isn't bad either. ARMSLIST - For Sale: Century Arms R1L1 .308
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    My brother bought a really nice RRA LAR 8 and dropped some serious cash on it. Only problem is that the 10 round mag stinks and often gives double-feeds and mis-feeds. I haven't given him a birthday gift in a couple decades and I know that this gun accepts FN FAL mags. Anyhow, are these mags...
  6. Rifles
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what the legality of an FN FAL is in NY state. I'm assuming that as long as it doesn't have a flash hider or come with a "high cap" mag, it would be within NY compliance? Does anyone own one and if they do, what are the likes and dislikes?
  7. Rifles
    It's a CAI (I know) G1SA reciver which appears to be metric. I read that Century was building them off 3 different receivers (Imbel, Hesse and CAI). Hesse being the worst, Imbel being the best and CAI being 50/50 During the AWB CAI was known for sloppy building and low QC. This G1SA is one of...
  8. Rifles
    Just an FYI, I was looking at and someone in East Rochester is selling an FAL R1A1 for $700. Not associated with the site nor the seller, just don't see a lot of battle rifles for sale locally, thought someone might be interested. Pre-ban mags are available for the FAL in large...
  9. Rifles
    i've found a few for around $4-600 without barrels or compliance parts. has anyone found cheap kits for cheaper?
  10. Rifles
    Does anybody own or has anybody shot a FAL? Just wanted some opinions, I'm torn between it and the Springfield SOCOM 2, seen very positive reviews on both rifles just don't know what way I'm going to go yet.
  11. General Firearms
    I'm looking to perhaps pick up a FAL of some sort, or even an PTR91 of sorts, any idea where i could find one for sale and get it shipped to a local FFL?
1-11 of 13 Results