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    TV Crew Reacts With Cool Composure When Car Bomb Explodes during Live Broadcast | Video | "The car bomb that killed prominent Lebanese politician Mohamad Chatah on Friday was heard loudly in a nearby television studio from which a live program was being broadcast." Ah, the...
  2. Off-Topic Afirman que un supuesto meteorito tambin cay en Cuba el pasado mircoles Yeh Yeh the links are in spanish ..... "In a report released this morning by Rodas, town in the province of Cienfuegos, witnesses described a very bright light that has come to have large size, comparable to...
  3. Firearms in the News - M16A1 Explodes in Guys Hand
  4. Firearms in the News
    Woman Injured When Bullet Explodes in Her Purse | WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather | Buffalo, NY | Top Stories
1-5 of 5 Results