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    This one looks good who wants to split it. 4br 2bath house and 2 trailers both 2br 2bath 55 acres. Must be willing to have a giant ****ing shooting range and full auto weapons. $125,000
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    Excite News - ACLU: Police record license plates by the millions "A rapidly growing network of police cameras is capturing, storing and sharing data on license plates, making it possible to stitch together people's movements whether they are stuck in a commute, making tracks to the beach or up...
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    Escape From NYC!.........An idea whose time has come? The reasons would seem to be many, financial infidelity,Intellectual incompatibility, Cultural values,irreconcilable differences. It would seem that the thoughts and outlooks of those Downstate vary greatly from those of us Upstate...
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    Lock and load! Schools closed as exotic animals prowl Ohio - If you watch the video, it sounds like this might have been planned by the guy (who is dead.)
  5. News Feeds Global Gun Runner Plays US-Russia 'Cold War' Card to Escape Prison Global Gun Runner Plays US-Russia 'Cold War' Card to Escape Prison The Cold War has broken out again, and Thailand suddenly finds itself caught uncomfortably in the middle of competing US and Russian...
1-5 of 5 Results