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  1. Wanted
    Looking to expand my rifle collection with some Enfields looking for 303, 410, 7.62nato, POF made, ammo 516-500-1635
  2. Downstate
    Looking to expand my rifle collection with some Enfields looking for 303, 410, 7.62nato, POF made 516-500-1635
  3. Curios and Relics
    Is their such a thing as an aftermarket new production spring for the enfield magazine? My cousin has the no4 mk1 variety and the spring is weak. The previous owner had stored the rifle with a full magazine. Any leads would be appreciated.
  4. Rifles
    Guy wants to trade this for my Remington 870. Good trade? These any good? Probably use it for deer
  5. DIY Projects and Builds
    Ok well I did a Mosin project awhile back and concluded that it's effed and is gonna need a pro gunsmith to fix it up for me (if it can be fixed) cuz i messed up drilled the receiver. This time around I'll make sure a real gunsmith does everything but here is my newest project gun, got it for...
  6. Firearms For Sale
    This is a 1918 No.1 Mk III* Enfield which the Indian Government repurposed to use as a 410 shotgun by reaming out the worn rifling into a mint smoothbore barrel. It is chambered for British 410 which is smaller than US made 410. You can make the shotshells by fireforming 303 British brass...
  7. Curios and Relics
    Have an old Enfield ?? Post up your pictures.....!!
  8. Rifles
    Are there any old rifle gurus on here? A local pawn shop has one of these, serial # in the 90,000s, looks to be all original (not sure if refurb or not) and in pretty decent shape. They have it marked for $399. I know I can get it for less, in fact I already had the shop owner tell me that...
  9. Rifles
    Question guys......I was looking at a Lee Enfield no5 Jungle Carbine,but someone put a peep sight on it......If I was able to find an origional sight could I easily replace it myself and restore the rifle to the way it is supposed to be or would a gunsmith have to replace the sight for me ?? I...
  10. Rifles
    So I head over to my LGS cuz I need a copy of their FFL to finish a sale and get a rifle I purchased shipped there as they are filling out the paperwork I wandered around the store and around one corner, there it was, I could not beliee it was sitting right there in front of me! I picked it up...
  11. Rifles
    ishapore enfield 2a1. Has anyone had any chance to shoot one and are they decent or just a wall hanger ? Thanks guys.
  12. Rifles
    just found out today that the #4lee enfield barrels can have anywhere from 2-4 grooves while the jungle carbine can have a 5 or 6 groove bbl.what does this mean & is one better then the other(more accurate) thanks
  13. Rifles
    Does anyone have an Enfield .303 British Field Gauge. I have a Go and a No-Go gauge and now I need to use a field gauge and they are backordered everywhere.
  14. DIY Projects and Builds
    Imported by CIA, Inc. Whatever they did to try to clean this thing up was horrendous. I unfortunately lost the before pictures as I started this in late Sept of 2011 and then it was on hold for awhile. The wood looked black and was covered in almost and inch of some waxy material and all the...
  15. General Firearms
    Anyone aware of where I can squire some 5 shot magazines for a Lee Enfield Number 4 Mark 1? I would like to maybe hunt with this gun one day and I do not think I can hunt with a detachable 10 shot mag even in a bolt action rifle. The only places I find the new pro-mags are all sold out and I...
  16. Rifles
    Just thought I would pass this along. Around the gun boards it seems that it is becoming common place for folks to see 're-conditioned' Enfield Drill Purposes rifles out and about. Part of this is due to Century Arms selling wall hangers for $50, often these Drill ONLY rifles are missing a...
  17. Accessories and Gear
    Like the title states, I have a 1917 Enfield 30/06 that I would like to add a nice scope too. What is my best option? Should I just go see a gunsmith? If so, can anyone recommend one in the Buffalo area? Secondly, I have searched but I could not find anything for the 1917 Enfield. Mostly I am...
1-17 of 17 Results