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  1. Other Weapons
    Was in Walmart looking for ammo and seen this set and Couldn't pass it up for $20. I'm not a big knife guy but I know Kershaw dosent make junk. But these are probably made for Walmart so there probably on on par with the other knives. Still a deal Kershaw Limited Edition 3-Piece Knife Set...
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    "....The first truth is that if the chips ever go down, you can never have too many rounds in your gun..." "....The second truth is that criminals don't give a damn what gun-control laws might be on the books..." Defensive Gun Use Of The Day: Seven Isn't Heaven Edition | The Truth About Guns
  3. Ammunition and Reloading
    I am loading IMR XBR8208 and 77gr pills, just want to double check my loads. Does anyone have the Hornady 9th edition and mind posting the 5.56/.223 load data? I cant seem to find this powder in any book (already bought 3). Thanks in advanced!
  4. Off-Topic
    Doughnuts are for terrorists arrgh!!! Brickbat: Aaaarrrggh - Hit & Run : ****ty situation in a socialist utopia: Venezuelan Government Seizes Toilet Paper Factory To Fight Scarcity in Socialist Utopia - Hit & Run : US constitution is evil and offensive fascist...
  5. Off-Topic
    Well I finally got the chance to upload this to YouTube,Ok this is my first time ever using this Camera so there is no editing on the video's.. Ok I went to the Essex County Fair about 4 weeks ago with my landlords and their Daughter little Girl Lauren and I took my GoPro Black Edition Camera...
  6. Accessories and Gear
    #1: Obtained a Tactical Solutions .22 AR upper. Was suppose to come with a 10 rd Blackdog magazine. It 's a 25.... Do I try to exchange it? Or...figure a way to block to 10 and use it as mags are so rare now, or...bury it the back yard for the upcoming zombie apocalypse? #2: Ordered ammo and a...
  7. Ammo and Reloading Equipment For Sale
    Open box, used 29 rounds to test in my remington model 12 pump 22. For some reason the only rounds it likes to feed are winchester so far. I paid 34 plus tax. But i used 25 rounds. So lets price this one at 30$ Pick up in fishkill or ship at buyers expense.
  8. CameralandNY
    Vortex HS Series, LR Edition, Riflescopes are In Stock We just received a nice delivery of the Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 LR Dead-Hold BDC Matte Black (Part# VHS-4305-LR) & Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 LR Dead-Hold BDC Matte Black (Part# VHS-4307-LR) riflescopes. The delivery of these scopes have...
  9. Rifles
    My Cousin has a Camo edition hi point 9mm carbine with 3 mags, he is wanting to sell. He asked me how much did I think it was worth. I told him, I honestly dont have a clue, but told him I'd ask on this forum if any one had an idea. Has very little rounds through it. I cant find anything on...
  10. Gun.Deals
    Mossberg Model 500 Watchdog 2 TALO Special Edition with Pistol Grip Combo - $356.00 shipped
  11. Off-Topic
    Sorry if this has been posted before as I see it's from 2008: ‪The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition‬‏ - YouTube
  12. Off-Topic
    YouTube - Replacing the "n-word" with "robot" in Huck Finn
  13. Other For Sale
    Listing this for a friend Asking $450 Epiphone Bob Marley Limited Edition Les Paul Special Electric Guitar w/ Original box and +Marley Gig bag ( See picture) Very nice guitar, slightly used but condition is like new, would make nice holiday gift for a musician and Marley fan. Original...