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    With all the back-pedaling going on, how long will the original interview mp3 last? So, I've saved the entire html file to my 'puter - the audio MP3 file will be part of the download. I'm suggesting many of us do this, even if it is on Facebook. Do what you will, here's the URL Jan. 17, 2014...
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    get them while they're hot, his other two books will be free tomorrow Enemies Foreign And Domestic (The Enemies Trilogy) eBook: Matthew Bracken: Kindle Store also remember, you don't need a kindle to participate. you can download the kindle reading app for pc and read them on your...
  3. Pistol Permits Both the permit application and the waiver are available from the Sheriff's web site. At least they are doing something to make it easier on people. They were very nice to me when I recently brought in my application. This is another positive step. EDIT: For...
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    Just read this article and checked out the website. Crazy! This web site is creating digital downloads for the new 3d printers of all sorts of guns parts using high polymer plastics. It's still in a developmental stage but the guy made a 30 round mad for his AR that worked.
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    Stoneridge Group :: 5.1.11 Commemorative Poster
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    The Silver Bear Cafe