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  1. General Firearms
    Thanks again for the unneeded questioning from the wife, again! They sent me a shotgun forend once and it came in a box you could fit a refrigerator in lol! Must be trying to justify what they charge for shipping!
  2. CameralandNY
    Camera Land's Last Minute Christmas Delivery There have been a few items we ran out of and a few end of the year deals we picked up on. I thought since I am here in the store all weekend I'd do a post and also let you know that if you give a call I will do my best to play Santa on whatever...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Buy your stock people if Jeff Bezos wants this done it will happen And I am all for it. Excited! Amazon Prime Air Amazon Reveals It Wants To Deploy Delivery Drones. No Joke.
  4. Firearms in the News
    Armed Robber Regretfully Discovers That Delivery Driver Was Carrying More Than Just Pizza "A pizza delivery driver is believed to have defended his life with a firearm after an armed man attempted to rob him on Monday night." Another POS not breathing anymore of our oxygen.
  5. Catskill Mountains Firearms
    Including a 1911 "E" series Revolvers too. New Rugers too Closed Sunday for Utah/Florida course (a couple of openings left) email, pm, or call for reservations and info CATSKILL MOUNTAINS FIREARMS, LLC ]in the woods of Kerhonkson $30 No Lecture no BS transfers 89 Stiller Berg Strada...
  6. Catskill Mountains Firearms
    These have been on order almost 1 year PM me or email me If you are interested CATSKILL MOUNTAINS FIREARMS, LLC ]in the woods of Kerhonkson $30 No Lecture no BS transfers 89 Stiller Berg Strada Kerhonkson, NY 12446 Phone...
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Freedom's Knocking: DiPietro and Advocates Hand-Deliver Signed SAFE Act Petitions To Governor Cuomo - YouTube
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I bought a love seat from a furniture clearance outlet that matches a couch I got there a couple years ago, the set is discontinued so the piece is much cheaper now. I had arranged to pick it up to avoid the $75 delivery fee seeing as it's a love seat not a massive thing. They had to order the...
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Ordered an M1 Garand online and had it sent to a local FFL. They had to refuse delivery today because it's not clear whether they are now banned in NY. I'd be careful ordering anything online until there's more clarity on what is and is not now illegal. It's not the FFL's fault and I don't...
  10. Firearms in the News
    Empire Hots Employee Beaten, Robbed During Delivery - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events - Penfield, N.Y. -- A routine delivery turned violent, as an Empire Hots employee was attacked by three men, then robbed. Shortly before 1 a.m., 21-year-old Jordan Rogers was delivering...
1-10 of 10 Results