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    My boy is definitely going through some sort of stage. He's been having nightmares the past couple of nights about the Slenderman. Visibly shaken (and shaking). He said he was awake but kept his eyes closed for a few hours the other night because if he looked SM in the eyes he would paralyse...
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    This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question | New York NOW
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons Read this to your kids each night when you put them to bed.
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    im always planning on my next firearm purchase months in advance, sometimes years. i have had to limit myself to no more than 2 firearms a year for budgetary reasons and i have my next 3 years planned out already.. i was patiently waiting to buy a Mossberg 930 jm pro just before the law...
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    Substitute Russia with the new NYS legislation and really listen to this speech:
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    Tennessee: Push to ban Right-to-Carry in Tullahoma parks defeated A second push to have guns banned from Tullahoma's city parks has failed. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen, at Alderman Jerry Mathis' request, voted on whether to consider a resolution that would ban guns from city parks. However...
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    Wisconsin: Attack on Open Carry Defeated in South Milwaukee! On Tuesday, June 16, the South Milwaukee City Council defeated an anti-gun ordinance that would have placed further restrictions on the open carrying and possession of firearms in the city. The vote was tied 4-4 and the Mayor, the...
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    Attack on the Second Amendment Defeated in Louisiana! The Louisiana House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice sided with law-abiding gun owners by defeating a bill that would have prohibited firearms on property belonging to the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board...
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    Restrictive Gun Show Amendment Defeated in Minnesota! During the 2009 Legislative Session, State Representative Michael Paymar (DFL-64B) made numerous attempts to infringe Second Amendment rights, specifically attacking guns shows and your right to sell firearms to friends and family...
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    Nevada: Clark County Shooting Park Opponents Defeated in District Court On Tuesday, May 12, the United States District Court in Nevada issued a ruling denying a federal injunction that would have halted construction of the multi-million dollar Clark County Shooting Park...
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    Bill Seeking to Dismantle Trapping Defeated in Maryland! NRA-ILA is happy to report that House Bill 831 failed to pass the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee yesterday.
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    Illinois: HB48 Defeated in the House of Representatives! On Wednesday, March 25, House Bill 48, was defeated on the House floor by a vote of 55 to 60, with one Representative voting present.
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    Anti-Hunting Bill Defeated in Maryland! NRA-ILA is pleased to report that House Bill 1309 was pulled by the Maryland House Environmental Matters Committee.
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    New Jersey: Handgun rationing measure defeated The push to make New Jersey the fourth state with a one handgun per month buying limit has stalled in the state Senate in the face of opposition from rural Democrats and a wall of Republicans.
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    Anti-Hunting Ordinance Defeated in Gustavus, Alaska! On Thursday, February 12, the Gustavus City Council defeated a proposed ordinance to ban the discharge of centerfire rifles within 300 feet of any road.
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    Anti-Gun Show Bill Defeated For a Second Time in Virginia Senate
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    Two Virginia Anti-Gun Bills Defeated in Committee Today! The Senate Committee on Local Government defeated two anti-gun bills today, both by a 10-5 vote.
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    Gun Show Ban Legislation Defeated in California Senate! Yesterday, Monday, August 18, Assembly Bill 2948 was defeated by the California Senate by a vote of 20-19.
1-18 of 18 Results