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    Hannah Kelley, Pastor's Daughter Accidentally Shot At Church Dies
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    Father Teaches Daughter Lesson About Facebook Video
  4. Firearms in the News
    Not all the details are not in yet. Good to see this mother protected her child. Clerk kills would-be robber who grabbed daughter - Yahoo! News
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    Nothing I like more than taking my kids outside and having some good clean safe fun. YouTube - Skylar S&W MP 15-22
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    Had her shooting my Ruger 10/22 Target model. Here is a pic of 10 rounds at (I know a paltry) 25 yards to start.
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    She should have tried on the trading forums here! I hear human trafficking is allowed. ;) Woman allegedly tries to trade 2-year-old daughter for gun | Phoenix News | Arizona News | | Home
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    US Dad Drank Vodka, Cleaned Handgun, Killed 6yr-old Daughter - Police MARYSVILLE, Washington -- A father arrested after his 6-year-old daughter was fatally shot in their Washington state home allegedly told authorities he had been drinking double shots of vodka while cleaning his guns...