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    Predator drone helps convict North Dakota farmer in first case of its kind | Fox News "In the first-ever case of a U.S. citizen being convicted and sentenced to prison based in part on evidence gathered by a drone, Lakota, N.D., farmer Rodney Brossart got a three-year sentence for his role in...
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    NRA Life of Duty | Patriot Profiles: Highest Honor Part 1
  3. Firearms in the News
    South Dakota teachers allowed to carry firearms - RTÉ News "A law signed by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard in March allowing teachers and school employees to carry a firearm on campus has taken effect. The law requires "sentinels" to be trained by police officers. The law was enacted...
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    NRA-ILA: North Dakota: Hunters Have Opportunity to Participate in Elk Reduction Plan for Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota: Hunters Have Opportunity to Participate in Elk Reduction Plan for Theodore Roosevelt National Park The National Park Service has released its "preferred...
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    North Dakota: People with disabilities retain Right-to-Carry I am pleased to reassure the citizens of North Dakota that, contrary to the statements in Neal Martin's letter, the recent changes to the concealed weapons law do not affect the right or ability of any person to carry a concealed...
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    NRA-ILA: South Dakota Enters into Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Agreements with Maine and Virginia! South Dakota Enters into Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Agreements with Maine and Virginia!
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    South Dakota: Right-to-carry permit reciprocity with Maine and Virginia Secretary of State Chris Nelson announced today that Maine and Virginia have been added to South Dakota's reciprocity agreements for right-to-carry permit holders from other states...
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    North Dakota: Youth Hunting Bill Signed by the Governor! On Thursday, April 30, Governor John Hoeven (R) signed Senate Bill 2165, which lowers the minimum age for youth hunters during the youth hunting season.
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    North Dakota: Measure aims to get young people to hunt Allowing youngsters as young as 12 to hunt with an adult and offering a supervised chance to hunt without sitting through a safety course should help interest more people in going afield, legislators say...
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    North Dakota: 'Apprentice Hunter' rule endorsed by Senate Young hunters should have a chance to go into the field without taking a safety course beforehand, if they are accompanied by a more experienced hunter, the North Dakota Senate has concluded...
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    North Dakota Park Carry Bill Unanimously Passes Senate! On Tuesday, March 17, the North Dakota Senate unanimously passed House Bill 1389, without any amendments. HB 1389 will now be considered by Governor John Hoeven (R), whose signature is required for final approval...
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    South Dakota: Governor Signs Bill Repealing Waiting Period! On Friday, March 13, Governor Mike Rounds (R) signed Senate Bill 70, just three days after it was passed in the House of Representative by a vote of 67 to 1.
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    South Dakota: Gun owners glad to see state's waiting period go Gov. Mike Rounds has signed a bill that eliminates South Dakota's post purchase 48 hour waiting period to buy a handgun.
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    South Dakota House Repeals Waiting Period! On Tuesday, March 10, a day after being passed unanimously in the House Judiciary Committee, the South Dakota House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 70 by a vote of 67 to 1. SB 70 will now head to the desk of Governor Mike Rounds (R) for his...
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    North Dakota: Two Pro-Gun Bills to be Heard Thursday Two Pro-Gun bills, House Bill 1389 and House Bill 1348, are scheduled to be heard on Thursday March 12.
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    North Dakota: Concealed Carry Reform Bill To Be Heard Tuesday, March 10 Senate Bill 2415 is scheduled to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 10.
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    South Dakota Preemption Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate!
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    North Dakota Pro-Gun Advancement Passes House!
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    North Dakota: House passes campus gun bill The House barely passed a watered down version of the bill to allow people with carry permits or who have taken a hunter safety court to have guns on North Dakota college campuses.
1-20 of 25 Results