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  1. General Firearms
    Brought the camera with us tonight to CSC. These are all handheld so please excuse the motion blur. My younger brother snapped a few also so some have more blur than others. Sunset, the moon, and some muzzle flash. G30 Hello muzzle brake
  2. Shooting Ranges
    So im pretty sure my first year is up at CSC. I was wondering if they mall out renewal forms for next year, or do i have to go down and pay?
  3. Events
    I'm going to roll out there and get some shooting in with ddan. I wanted to do some pistol shooting, some AR shooting and some GSG5 shooting. I can bring one person as a guest. I think Brad might come also. I'll send him a link to the thread. Anyone else want to come and shoot?
  4. General Firearms
    CSC members finally joined last sunday and yesterday i got to play with my XD9;) a member yesterday practicing for the pistol league today, sucks i have to work or else i would come out and watch ;)
  5. Events
    Any interest? I was thinking of going at noon.
  6. Events
    Any interest either day for a get together? Saturday i'm free until dusk when the range closes. I'll be headed to Oswego after that to move Kara home from school and i'll be back Sunday in time for the rifle range opening ~2 PM. Probably just shoot the gsg5 at targets or steel plates. Maybe we...
  7. Events
    Myself, my wife, bpipe95, whtrice, sweet98 and possibly ddan24 will be down at the range. I will be taking pics and working on reviewing some of the guns I own along with just taking some general fun pics for the site. If any of you guys want to join us, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll check...
  8. Blog Posts
    With the boom of the AR-15 in popularity amongst firearms enthusiasts, many people have little to no training in how to use such a firearm in a tactical situation. I have always been interested in tactical training not only because of the cool factor, but it can benefit my shooting, and hone my...
1-8 of 8 Results