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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Criminal Charges Not Expected in IRS Probe - I'M SHOCKED!
  2. Firearms in the News
    "Last year saw the City of Chicago reportedly post the fewest homicides since 1965, and the Second Amendment Foundation says one plausible explanation for at least part of the decline is because criminals can no longer be certain that their intended victim is not legally armed. SAF Founder Alan...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Resolved to be a 'gun criminal' - St. Louis gun rights | This is the time of year for making resolutions--promises to oneself that the new year will be characterized by a new start in the effort toward self-improvement. Maybe it's weight loss or more exercise, quitting...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I listed "one" of my ar's for sale on armalist. I specifically stated that its for OUT OF STATE SALE ONLY etc etc. I know I'm good to go but why do I feel like a criminal doing it? I hate this state.
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    How the ATF Manufactures Crime | National Review Online Decide for yourselves, but this is not how a Law Enforcement organization should behave
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Cuomo is basically telling the investigators how to do their job now: Governor Cuomo suggests agencies look at derailed train operator's 'behavior' | When will Cuomo go away??
  7. Firearms in the News
    He's a Rocket Surgeon!
  8. Pistol Permits
    Hello. I had a possession charge and an disorderly conduct charge when I was 17 in Monroe County. They were both on the same arrest. It was almost 20 years ago and I have not been in trouble since. I can not remember all of the details of the case. My father handeled most of it, but I know...
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I was a potential juror in a trial where the most serious offense the defendant was charged with was criminal possession of a weapon (a handgun) and possession of marijuana (a bag recovered from his pocket). I was not selected as a juror. I was dismissed after being questioned alone during the...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Peaceful ?Impeach Obama? Protester Assaulted - Video | Protests & Demonstrations There is no excuse for this abuse of authority!
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Didn't see this posted yet. Amazing the things you find on a Jeep forum. N.H. Rep. files petition, criminal complaint against oath-breaking colleagues - National gun rights | Oh how I wish this could be in NY!
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    NY Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Woman, Raping Girl - ABC News Can someone explain to me or anyone else why this dirt bag piece of human sewage is not put to death. What possible benefit to society can be gained by warehousing this foul piece of crap for x number of years. Robin
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Florida Governor Rick Scott asked to have state commence criminal prosecution of Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey Klayman...
  14. Firearms in the News
    Heres the video: - Criminal Pulls Gun In Back Seat of Squad Car. A drunk, unhandcuffed man pulled gun from his pants while sitting in a police squad car. Those are two lucky police officers. 12/19/2012 An intoxicated man pulled a loaded handgun on two Metro Transit police...
  15. Pistol Permits
    So, in a nutshell, I have a criminal history. 1 non violent felony that is sealed as youthful offender, couple of dwi's, driving without a license, and a few other things that I can't remember (selective memory maybe) but nothing violent. Lets just say I was a hell raiser in my youth. Been ten...
  16. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Colorado Anti-Second Amendment Legislator's Criminal Record Exposed By: Kyle Forti (Diary) | March 6th, 2013 at 08:00 PM...
  17. News Feeds
    As with the current NY SAFE Act, having more than 7 rounds of ammo in your magazine is defined as criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a Class D Violent Felony. A felony is defined as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. We consider these crimes...
  18. Pistol Permits
    I am applying in Wayne County today. I have my applications in hand but I am unsure about the criminal history question. I work in an industry that does thurough background checks and I passed. I looked at my FBI record and it states that there are no prior arrests. The application asks for even...
1-18 of 34 Results