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    It's Hard to Fathom What This Man Actually Did to Himself to Protest the 'Police State' (GRAPHIC) | Video | This guy has me beat.
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    Went to take my wife to the DR....truck wouldn't start. Also, me the dumb***, my driverside window has been down since the weekend, and it rained...(Yeah, I know...smooth move EXLAX!) Now my window controller is junk, thank god I have a spare. So, I lift the hood looking for anything obvious...
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    Angered over bathroom fan request, Syracuse man defecates in roommate's car, police say | Syracuse police report - Link to actual report
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    Last week, the rain from Mon/Tues/Wed. washed out the end of my driveway's again, Wed. night my truck got into an accident and got wrecked, then yesterday I went up and got my mom's old car and on the way back here, a heater hose blew and blew coolant all over the highway....whatta week!
1-4 of 4 Results