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  1. Firearms in the News
    Benghazi, IRS scandal, AP spying, Holder committing perjury, Fast and Furious, general government corruption.... clearly nothing worth investigating or reporting about. What the people really need to know is who has a pistol permit. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon...
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    NY court considers pistol permit restriction - SFGate
  3. Firearms in the News
    Those back-pedaling ba$tards... Sorry, I don't know how to link sites; but look what they're trying to pull now. Google it ---> 'NY considers changes in new gun control law'
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    More out of control statism. What are these people thinking?! Prince George's considers copyright policy that takes ownership of students' work - The Washington Post
  5. News Feeds
    Vermont: State considers suburban deer hunting The state wants to reduce the size of the deer population in Vermont's most populated areas and is considering implementation of a special archery season in site-specific areas where deer have become a nuisance. Participating hunters would have to...
  6. News Feeds
    Tennessee: City of Martin considers gun ban in parks While a recent state law allowing handgun permit holders to tote their firearms to state and local parks was approved by the General Assembly, the City of Martin is considering opting out of the legislation. The Union City Council is expected...
  7. News Feeds
    Arizona: Senate considers right-to-carry in restaurants that serve alcohol The bill (SB 1113), which passed a Senate panel Monday, would allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring a handgun into a restaurant that serves alcohol unless the owner has posted a sign prohibiting firearms...
  8. News Feeds
    Missouri considers dropping age for concealed weapons Missouri lawmakers have proposed lowering the nation's oldest minimum age requirement for carrying concealed weapons.
  9. News Feeds
    Vt. considers changing youth hunting law An interstate dispute over youth hunting seasons between New Hampshire and Vermont may prompt a law change in Vermont. Vermont's law excludes most New Hampshire kids from hunting. This year, New Hampshire changed its law to permit youth hunters from...
  10. News Feeds
    Evanston considers options after NRA gun ban lawsuit The Evanston City Council is still discussing what to do next after being "forced kicking and screaming" to amend its handgun ban last month.
  11. News Feeds
    TSA Considers Airport Carry Ban A recent story in USA Today (to read the story, please click here: reported that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may weigh in on the issue of legal carry in the unsecured areas of...
  12. News Feeds
    Calsolaro considers running for mayoral Albany Common Councilman Dominick Calsolaro is contemplating running for Mayor next year. The TU has the story, "Calsolaro eyes mayoral run": "Common Council member Dominick Calsolaro will meet with supporters Sunday to explore running for mayor next...
1-13 of 13 Results