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  1. Accessories and Gear
    Going through my parts box I found a stainless 6-round Colt 1911 (45 ACP) magazine in good condition. The mag is about 4.5" tall, I assume it's for a 3" model, doesn't work in my Commander. The floorplate is marked " COLT 45 AUTO M S." I will send this mag out to the first person who responds...
  2. Firearms in the News
    Mikhail Kalashnikov, Designer of AK-47, Airlifted to Hospital in Serious Condition
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Excite News - South Africa: Nelson Mandela in critical condition With all of the problems he has had lately, it seems like this won't go well.
  4. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    This is a like new (NOS) Romanian or Russian SKS stock. Looks like birch . Wood is excellent and solid. It may need final bedding to fit your action. No metal included. This is a solid piece of wood that will last a long time on that old warhorse. Pics dont do it justice $45 FTF or ship...
  5. Wanted
    If anyone has either one that they aren't using I'm in the market.
  6. Firearms in the News
    I would be interested to know what gun it was.
  7. Carry/Conceal
    Condition Four: Chamber empty, no magazine, hammer down. Condition Three: Chamber empty, full magazine in place, hammer down. Condition Two: A round chambered, full magazine in place, hammer down. Condition One: A round chambered, full magazine in place, hammer cocked, safety on. Condition Zero...
  8. Gun.Deals
    Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R Laminated Stock Good Condition - $109 shipped Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R Laminated Stock Very Good Condition - $119 shipped
  9. Gun.Deals
    Romanian Tokarev TTC, 7.62x25 Nice Semi Auto Pistols, Very Good Condition - $189.95
  10. The AR-15
    Colt - AR-15 .223 Pre Ban NEW - 30 Round Magazine [AR-15/30GI/N] - $26.99 : KY Imports Inc, 502-244-4400 Says they are old stock brand new preban 30 rd colt mags... I ordered 2 of them,, Thought I would pass it along seems like a decent price for never used prebans
1-11 of 11 Results