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  1. Rifles
    Well, sort of. Looking at Night Optics for Coyote hunting...;) I bought this stock Mini 30 (came with the Ruger Rail), and proceeded to add: Amega Rail Harris Bipod (pivoting with lock) Specter 3 Point Sling Nikon 5-20x44 Monarch BDC scope w/sunshade mounted with Warne QD rings Burris Fastfire...
  2. Training
    My NRA instructor certification plus $2 should buy a decent cup of coffee. Some fun discussion though, there were some great guys with lots of experience in various different shooting styles and guns.
  3. Pistol Permits
    I hope it doesn't take a year just to hear them say "No." Especially after paying $100 for the stupid fingerprints. There is absolutely no reason they should decline it but the lady at the County Clerk's office did say that it would be several months before it would be approved or denied.
  4. DIY Projects and Builds
    So, a guy that I know has a Romak 991 AK variant that I was going to do some "de-banning" on. They came standard during the Clinton ban years with a PSL type thumbhole stock; one with sort of a bulky grip. The owner has smallish hands (unlike my monster mitts) and it's not optimal for him...
  5. The AR-15
    I traded one of my AK's to Jeff over at CMMG and he built me this rifle in exchange. I have close to 200 round threw it now and got the irons sighted in last weekend. Last week I ordered the Midwest Industries rail and the Trijicon Reflex...they came in today! :D As of right now this is the...
  6. The AR-15
    and am psyched to start break in this weekend.... 6.8 SPC by cgrutt, on Flickr AST lower receiver "Lucky 13"; Precision reflex upper flattop Wilson Combat LPK and UPK, 2 stage match tactical trigger, BCG assembly and TRIM free float rail AR15Performance 20" 6.8 ARP (SPC) 4150 CMV SPR barrel...
  7. Pistol Permits
    What county, what did it intail, how long was it, what was the cost, was it worth while? Any comments. Thanks.
  8. Pistol Permits
    Dropped off my application in mid-June. Fingerprints were taken about two weeks later. Last week, all four of my references were contacted, and I just completed my interview with the local PD a few minutes ago. After the interview was done, he informed me that the paperwork gets forwarded to his...
1-8 of 8 Results