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  1. Competitive Shooting
    I know there are competitions in NYS, unfortunately I live in NYC and since I live NYC and have a NYC permit. NYC law says I can't go outside the 5 boroughs with my Glock 34. so... does anyone know if there is NRA or Some sort of competition in the city of New York or some kinda Pistol Team?
  2. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Hey everyone, im new to this site but born and raised in nys (cobleskill) and just joined this site, i have been shooting for about 15 years, im 20 now but i want to get into competition shooting but am having trouble finding info about it. Three gun and such would be fun in the future but what...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    S4074-2013 - NY Senate Open Legislation - Makes contests and competitions to take wildlife unlawful - New York State Senate do we have any ENCON guys on here that can comment? Chances of passing?
  4. Shooting Ranges
    new to forum. Sorry if this has been mentioned before......usually do my shooting at a public range. I was wondering if there are any ranges in wny that hold small bore competitions? I do most of my practice with my .22 rifles and have become quite good (so I think haha) Would like to try and...
1-4 of 5 Results