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  1. Firearms in the News
    Retired local cop wins first place in three gun shooting competition. Congratulations Mr. Jankowski very impressive. Click the link to view a video of him shooting, then scroll down the comments until you get to his comment and thoughts about the UN SAFE ACT - I like the terminology he uses. -...
  2. Rifles
    I have tried numerous powders in my Rem 700 Safari 416 rem mag. Ranging from 2520,4895,Rl15 etc.I have recently worked up a load with AR Comp. Ar Comp is very similar to RL-15, a bit faster but very temp stable. for anyone interested a 350gr Speer can be loaded safely starting at 68.5 gr all the...
  3. The AR-15
    Ok so I have a pre safe lower that's already assembled into a complete legal rifle blah blah blah. I would like to build a new upper for this rifle and plan on going with a 14.5" barrel. Would you say this brake/comp would be legal to use as per the old laws as not to alert the NYSP etc. see...
  4. Accessories and Gear
    Recently took the AR out for some range time last week, and noticed that I was having issues with my Aimpoint Comp M4s. After about my 4th or 5th shot the red dot seemed to just shut off. I messed around with the dial and battery compartment and it didn't seem to come back on. After about a...
  5. Long Range Precision Shooting
    I'm still here At Ft. Bragg enjoying good company and seeing some world class operators shoot. I'll post what I can after I get home. All I can say now is; this is Disney Land with guns.
  6. The AR-15
    As the title says, anyplace in Western/Central NY recommended for doing compliance work? I have an AR upper that I'm fond of that I'd like done perfectly. Normally I do my own work, but this one I care a little more about.
  7. Gun.Deals has some great deals on EOTechs and AimPoint optics after coupons, available coupons are $40 off $400, $15 off $300, or 5% off EoTech 517 $368, EoTech 512 $349, XPS2 $414, XPS3 $485, Comp ML3 2MOA $452 shipped
  8. General Firearms
    I'm looking into doing a Colt XM177 vietnam build but since I dont have a preban lower I cannot have the 5.5" flashhider perm attached to it. For those that do not know these are 11.5" barrel uppers with a 5.5" perm flash hider on them. Anyways Since I don't wanna sleeve the hider and block...
  9. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Does anyone know of any .22 shoots in or around the Saratoga/Glens Falls area that are open to the public? I love doing the competition shoots at the club I'm in but I'd like to do more. Are there any on Sundays or more professional shoots that you know of? I'm not new to competition shooting...
  10. The AR-15
    Hi everybody. I know where I live now i can do this without a problem. Basically 14.5" barrel pin and welded with a certain comp brings the oal to 16-16.1" and that's perfectly legal for me. I'm building an upper for my brother who lives in NY. Fully compliant. The only snag I hit was the...
  11. Ammunition and Reloading
    Use the link below and enter promo code "free ammo" Home Brings the price down to $14.65 a box and orders over $150 get free shipping.
  12. Other For Sale
    Asking $500 obo. Reasonable offers accepted. Im upgrading this season so this must go. She is a trail beast. Never seen the road. Size large. pm or email [email protected]
  13. Shotguns
    Does anyone have first hand knowledge regarding the quality of Mr. Vang's shotgun modifications?
1-13 of 13 Results