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  1. Preparedness
    In the event of a major shtf scenerio, how would all us like minded individuals communicate with one another and organize if phone, tv and internet were down?
  2. Off-Topic
    At camp we have six Motorola Talkabout ts580's that we have had for some time now. I just went to dicks sporting goods and bought a pair of Midland GXT`050VP4 ( GXT Pro series) walkie talkies to add on to the ones we already have. For some reason if I go to channel "4" or any channel on the...
  3. Blog Posts
    We all like to get out and train, whether it be fitness, firearms and especially "tactical" training. However, very few people ever train to defend their home and family, let alone train with their family members. Enter Modern Defensive Training Systems' Home and Family Defense Skills training...