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  1. Carry/Conceal
    Buying my first 1911 ~been a Glock or Revolver guy(and a few others)~ Getting a para 14.45 Looking for OWB with a thumb snap (what im used to) My question is cocked and locked? or hammer down? And why? Also holster suggestions please im a little thick in the mid section 6'2" 300lbs okay more...
  2. Handguns
    Just like the thread title says: If anyone who owns an FNX could take a picture of the pistol cocked and locked (Doesn't have to be loaded) I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Carry/Conceal
    it's more or less undeniable that the 1911 was intended to be carried cocked and locked. in a combat scenario where drawing a sidearm (or squeezing the trigger of an already pulled piece) has a great potential to occur the time it takes to get that first shot off is of the essence. from what i...
  4. Carry/Conceal
    I carry 24/7, even home. Always a full mag with 1 in the pipe. My question to you guys with 1911 carry guns, do you carry cocked and locked? I have personally done so but only upon entering a city limit, knowing I am going to be walking to a building, going inside of walmart or mall etc...