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    Selling my Co2 pistol. I never use it and its in Like New condition. Shoots great and feels like a normal 1911 weight wise. Comes with 1 magazine, a small bag of plastic BBs, the tool and 2 C02 tanks. It has Turkish Walnut grips from another 1911 of mine. I swapped them. $80 or best reasonable...
  2. Handguns
    Not for me, this is for my grandmother. After my grandpa passed, there is no longer any guns in the house she can use. She is looking for a air / C02 pistol strong enough to kill a squrril and to scare off a coyote if need be. She wants a pistol so its light. Ideas? Input? She doesn't want a...
  3. Other For Sale
    Selling my SoftAir CO2 IMI UZI which I don't use anymore. It's in immaculate condition and has had very little bb's through it. It has a great blowback to it, and feels heavy. I have a case that I will include with it also. I paid $180 + $10 for the case. Asking $125 obo. Looks like this: