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    He gave me this God bless the Corp.
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    Giving away 1 awesome cigar. Not disclosing the brand, but I will tell you this, its awesome, robusto size, 2009 vintage. Rules. 1. don't ask what brand it is. 2. have to be a member in good standing prior to the time stamp on this post, 3. can handle strong cigars with out puking, or, if they...
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    anyone else around here smoke the occasional cigar. I don't smoke them to often, but when I do I smoke expensive ones. Davidoff, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Cohiba, Arturo Fuenta....stuff like that. So when you store your cigars in a Humidor, cellophane on or off? When you smoke a cigar...
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    Okay guys. Here's the deal. Best picture of your 4th of July enjoyment of your Padron from cgrutt wins an Ashton Aged Maduro from yours truly. Rules are simple: Post the picture to this thread Picture needs to contain the lit cigar. Anything else goes (within the decency rules of the web...
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    I'm thinking a couple of Padron anniversary's and a box of lights.... Rules, we have more than 5 interested, I'll make good... Drawing July 4th... Edit, Sorry guys Karma is closed. More interest than I expected. Everyone who respnded before 1:30 AM June 30th is a winner! Send me a PM...
1-5 of 7 Results