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    Today, some family members and I went out to catch a movie and some chow. Saw American Hustle and btw, was awesome. Anyway, after the movie we were looking for something quick and my fiancée was craving a margarita so Chili's was near by so figured lets do it. We sit at the table and right in...
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    Hey there, I been in the mood for some chili lately, but my chili kung-fu is weak. Anyone got a good reciepe? Something thick and spicy :) I've got about a pound of venison steak to cube up and throw in. Not that it's relevent, just sounds good :) Thanks
  3. Introductions
    Just wanted to take the time to say hello. I am from North Chili (Monroe County). This site comes up often when I research guns and gun laws in NY state so I figured I'd make an account in case I had Questions. I enjoy pretty much any firearms but the older the better. My humble arsenal consists...
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    Be careful out there...