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    So, I have a ~6 month old son that just started day care. Can I legally carry in that day care (provided no signs, they don't ask me to, etc)? I'm not even sure if I will or not, but I'm sure there will eventually be a day where I may want to. For example, I may have the day off of work, and...
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    I really hope he gets his soon. Imagine being the CO that has to sit with this POS
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    This is not how you treat sick children. This couple need a lynching.
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    home protection
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    Report Shows New Increase in Child, Teen Gun Deaths in America Imagine a bullet fired from a semiautomatic pistol, moving through the night darkness faster than the speed of sound -- more than 1,200 feet per second or four football fields end to end. Now imagine that bullet slamming into...