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  1. Curios and Relics
    UPDATE ** Added pictures on page 2 after I cleaned it up ** SN F1779 Jianshi Arsenal
  2. General Firearms
    hope this is in the right place...carried over from Waltherforums. Saw some great prices on this site after posting about my Walther PPS. Just wanted to pass along Inside 21st Century Firearms
  3. Rifles
    Not mine but I know quite a few people on here wanted one, and this one is pretty local. Price isn't bad either. ARMSLIST - For Sale: Century Arms R1L1 .308
  4. Rifles
    Does anyone know which gun store has this in ny? Im trying to find one. I cannot even find it for sale online. If anyone knows a site or a gun store that has the for sale can you please send me the link.
  5. Rifles
    Does anyone know/willing to sell an L1A1? I'm in the market looking for a new rifle and figured I would get something in .308 buddy of mine has a CETME but I think I would like the L1A1 better. Nothing wrong with HK but I like the look of the FAL alot better and if I can find one for a...
  6. General Firearms
    Here is an older vid. January 2011. It was a COLD day that day. Just went to the range to dump a few mags into the berm and make sure my then new Century Galil functioned properly. The rifle worked flawlessly then, and still does to this day. Anyhow here it is.. Century Galil Shooting Video
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Got A Question and its probably been answered before, What is the law (and where can i see this in writing) pertaining to owning or buying a pistol ( Single Action Army) made in the 1800's (But In Working Condition) and do i need a permit or can it be purchased without an FFL in NY ( Long...
  8. Gun.Deals
    Century Arms Polish P-64 9x18mm 6 Rrnds - $189 SHIPPED
  9. The AR-15
    My local gun store has a new Century Arms M16A1 5.56/.223 Sporter pre-ban rifle for sale. I don't know much about Century Arms to just put down the money for it,asking price is $780.00. So if I could get some likes or dislikes from some of you it will help me out a lot. Thanks
  10. Rifles
    Title should be Traditions, not Century. Anyone have any experience with this muzzleloader? I'm thinking of picking it up for the lone ML weekend of the season. I've never hunted ML, so I'm looking for a good entry-level one especially since I'll probably only use it during the one week of ML...
  11. Rifles
    I have a CIA M70 AK. It fires the round as you start to release the trigger. not when you pull it. It's been cleaned , then shot again, same result. Does any one have any experience returning a gun to CIA?
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    This the best deal I have ever seen. Throw down a Hamilton and get a hummer! WOW what a deal hahahaha! On the Job Prostitution Patron Speaks Out. | WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather | Buffalo, NY | Local
  13. Rifles
    A buddy of mine has a century arms lower and says it's preban, but you can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere i figured maby someone would be able to shead some light on my question. Which is are any century arms lowers are preban? Any info will help Thanks~
  14. Rifles
    I was considering one but have heard mixed reviews, seems pretty much hit or miss. Has anyone here had experience with them? Also from what ive researched they're a newer rifle (not sure if they make a preban one). Im just looking for one to just plink with not looking for a tack driver, i just...
1-14 of 15 Results