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    Jim Carrey To Assault Rifle Owners: 'I'm Sorry That In My Outrage I Called You Names'
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    Jim Carrey regrets Kick-Ass 2 violence, Mark Millar responds | Den of Geek Jim Carrey takes to Twitter to say he can't support the violence in Kick-Ass 2 anymore. Whatta hypocrite......
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    Movie Pictures | Movie Posters - Yahoo! Movies Let me break it down for you: "Guns is bad, violence is bad, that movie is bad. But the money was good."
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    Love the comments: "It's one thing to have an opinion, it's quite another to bash those who don't share your opinion. Let this be a lesson to the Hollywood crowd; when you're insulting a group, it's quite likely that group is 1/2 of your viewing audience." "BTW It wasn't just anti-gun, that...
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    Sick and tired of his (and all celebrities) hypocrite BS... please help spread this around... Hope this is the only one, didn't check for others.
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    It sounds like Dumb and Dumber is feeling the pressure. It must suck when your surrounded by people who lie to you all day telling you how loved you are only to be hit with the truth. "I have been aghast at the level of hatred heaped upon me, my family and the people I work with over a mere...
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    Remy: Jim Carrey's Cold Dead Hand - A Rebuttal - YouTube
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    eBay User Selling Autographed Jim Carrey Picture to Fund Gun Purchase to Protect Family eBay User Selling Autographed Jim Carrey Picture to Fund Gun Purchase to Protect Family sorry if its a repost ...
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    Head over to the fb page mentioned and light it up like 500 other people have. Jim Carrey mocks gun enthusiasts in 'Funny or Die' 'Hee-Haw' spoof - TODAY Entertainment
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    Well that seals it. They really ARE the voice of a generation.
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    Bruce Willis: Don't infringe on Second Amendment - Time to go see the new Die Hard Movie. Looks better than that "Bullet to the head" crap anyway. :)
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    There is a poll in this article. Vote against Carrey's tweet and blow the Huffpost's mind. Jim Carrey 'Assault Rifle' Tweet Angers Right