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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    As I read the law the states definition of a C&R is 50 years or order and no modern reproduction exists. For now I am focusing on rifles. Pistols will be a much larger list. Many qualified subguns mags are available but pretty much worthless as there are very few SA subguns. Feel free to...
  2. Curios and Relics
    and it's safe act complaint, more than 50 years old!
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I let mine lapse years ago, but I just had a thought... Regarding ammo restrictions, it's my understanding that ALL FFL's were registered as sellers of ammo by the state. Can C&R's still have ammo shipped to them? If so, I may have to consider getting mine again.
  4. Curios and Relics
    I was just wondering in nys with a c&r ffl03 when buying from an individual. Do you have to run a background check still or since you have an ffl you don't need a background check at all? If the gun is c&r elligable.. Adam
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    So, from the SAFE website: A: Yes, if you are a dealer in firearms licensed pursuant to section 400.00 of the New York State Penal Law (i.e., you have a New York State firearms dealer license) or you are a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), you will be automatically registered by the New York...
  6. Curios and Relics
    I know others have posted about this before. But I thought I would share my experience. First, Sanded with 80 grit, then 120 and then 220 until smooth. Then I used Dark Mahogany stain and then a satin finish. I was worried the dark mahogany stain would be too dark but I like how it turned out...
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I know that the rules have not changed for interstate C&R transfers as long as the long gun is SA compliant. I keep hearing (from non reliable sources) that C&R intrastate transfers must have a background check preformed? I see nothing in the SA text verifying this.
  8. Curios and Relics
    Ok guys I am waiting for my C&R to come back in. So I figured why not ask fellow C&R holders what is on your want list? I started the thread so I guess I will go first. Let's hear your top 3 wants. Pistols not included because NY does not require a C&R for handguns you list them on your CCW. 1)...
  9. Curios and Relics
    Do I need a C&R license to buy a Tokarev or similar pistol? I have a valid NY pistol permit but do I also need my C&R license to own one?
  10. Curios and Relics
    Right now we have Chinese SKS's and Russian Mosin Nagants but after they dry up what's next on the C&R horizon?
  11. Curios and Relics
    Okay so I am considering getting a sks and modifying it to have a detachable mag. I would acquire the sks using my C&R, but from what I have read when I modify the rifle It can no longer be considered C&R. Therefore I must transfer it to myself and make sure it is unsafe act compliant. Question...
  12. Curios and Relics
    So I have a WASR-10, It was manufactured in 1967, so in 3 years it would actually be considered a C&R correct? So if for some reason the SAFE act is not repealed in 3 years, will my WASR's new C&R status mean anything? If this is the wrong section I apologize
  13. Curios and Relics
    So after much deliberation, I decided to make my first C&R purchase the Norinco SKS from Classic Arms. it was $319 and it sounded like a great deal to me. I almost pulled the trigger on the K31 but I figured I'd wait a couple of weeks on that one. The one thing that I am really looking...
  14. Curios and Relics
    I'm kind of new to this legal game of "is this banned or that banned" crap in NY. I Just bought a Norinco SKS last week that has a fixed 20 round original magazine. While reading up on the feeding device ban crap, I found this: I wasn't aware that the feeding device itself could qualify as...
  15. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I've been thinking about getting a C&R License so I may purchase old European and Asian military rifles direct from the distributors rather than buying retail. Anyone have any experience or knowledge with this that can point me in the right direction? I have looked all over the ATF website and...
  16. Curios and Relics
    I have a really dumb question, Do you need to have a pistol permit to get C&R pistols, or do you just need your C&R FFL
  17. Curios and Relics
    UPDATE ** Added pictures on page 2 after I cleaned it up ** SN F1779 Jianshi Arsenal
  18. Curios and Relics
    I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this one. If I have my FFL03 and I know a guy who has an old mil-surp he wants to sell, can I buy the gun from him without going though the new SAFE act background check? I would be logging it into my bound book etc. Thoughts?
  19. Curios and Relics
    Looking to make my first 03 purchase, I really have no idea where to start. My budget for the first gun is around $250, I want something that I will enjoy shooting and will hold some value down the line if I decide to resell it. Shoot ideas at me!
1-20 of 74 Results