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  1. Gun.Deals
    Crow Shooting Supply M2A1 .50 Cal Ammo Can - $14.99 or 4 Cans shipped for $55 after coupon GMT5
  2. Ammunition and Reloading
    Hi guys new here. I am planning on purchasing the AR50 in a couple months and want to reload the ammo. Are there any restrictions to purchasing cases for the 50 cal? Seems you have to jump through hoops to get anything done in this state. Thanks for your comeback.
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    My ans. may be already posted, but I used the search engine and did not find it. A buddy has a chance to buy a govt. issue 30 cal. m1 carbine. I told him I thought it would fall under the safe act B.S. because of the bayonet stud. I think he should leave it alone until after the Tresmond law...
  4. Handguns
  5. Rifles
    I am seriously considering acquiring a 50 caliber rifle. From what I understand, though I could be wrong, we in New York State can still buy 50 caliber rifles. Under the New York State safe act law, does anybody know which 50 calibers would still be legal considering that we cannot have a...
  6. Ammunition and Reloading
    I have a full .50 cal ammo can of 7.62x 39 does anybody have any idea how many rounds it holds I don't feel like counting it
  7. Gun.Deals
    NEW! Mil-Spec .50 Cal Ammo Can - $9.99 + S/H ($8.95 for 5 or $12.95 for 10 ammo cans) Cabela's TAC System ATV/UTV Single-Gun Case - $29.99 Cabela's Digital Camo Tactical Gun Case - $39.99
  8. Ammunition and Reloading
    These suckers are tough to find. I think Hornaday has slowed/stopped production on them. So, I'm wondering if anyone has seen these around? Not picky on weights (150-170gr), and I'll shoot lead, too. Just want something I can run thru my lever. Even Beikirch's doesn't have anything in...
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    A Fifty Caliber Ban Is Schedualed to Be Rammed Through the NJ Assembly Yeah, because there are so many crimes committed with a .50 Cal.
  10. Long Range Precision Shooting
    What a Shot. I just saw this and, WOW, needed to share with those who haven't seen it yet.
  11. Ammunition and Reloading
    Found these while looking for .357 maximum components, I think they are a very good deal. 35 Cal .358 Dia 180 Grain SP SSP 500 Count |
  12. Off Topic Lounge - Scale Model .50-Cal Machinegun (Fires Real .22 Cal bullets)
  13. Handguns
    Maybe someone can help me. I have a few revolver questions. In comparing two identical revolvers in .22 WMR, one with a 1" barrel and the other with a 1/2" barrel, how will they perform? What will that "extra" 1/2" do? In so far as barrel to cylinder distance, what is acceptable, what is...
  14. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    This magazine was found in a box with other loose stuff, no marking on it of any kind. Any idea's what gun it goes to?
  15. General Firearms
    anyone have a source for 50 cal cans or metal SAW ammo boxes? I found 50 cal cans online but only a few here and there, or the price is HIGH. thnx guys ETA: also CHEAP 30cal cans (I found some for $12 online, but id prefer to be under that, as it wasnt but 5 months ago I got a bunch locally...
  16. Gun.Deals
    Mosin Nagant Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54R - $119 shipped
  17. Gun.Deals
    In Stock - USED .30 Cal Ammo Cans - $9/$10 + $4.99 S/H for 5 or more with code SH199
1-20 of 72 Results