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  1. Rifles
    Is there a difference between a Saiga 7.62x39 distributed by CAI as opposed to the one distributed by RWC? I want to get a 7.62 Saiga because it's cheaper than a Mini 14 and is still NY legal.
  2. Rifles
    Had my first opportunity to shoot it today at Hamilton Shooting Supply (nice range). The Century Arms International conversion job on the Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle is outstanding. A regular Saiga goes for $450 at Herb's, the converted rifle goes for $599. Looks aesthetically just like an AK. What...
  3. Rifles
    I've consistently read that WASR 10's (AKM's) imported by CAI are cut for single stack mags and are then modified by CAI to accept double stack mags. I now hear that 2009 and later models being imported are demilitarized models that are ready for double stack mags. These are the ones with...
1-3 of 3 Results