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  1. DIY Projects and Builds
    I am starting my first ar build and I wanted to make the rifle NY complaint. However, the new NY complaint stock uses a carbine buffer tube. Can you build a mid rifle set up with mid rifle buffer and buffer spring inside of a carbine buffer tube? I know most people say that you should only...
  2. The AR-15
    Did alot of searching and I cant find a definate answer,everyone seems to use them on pistol length.But I want to use a buffer tube with a foam cover on my rifle if its legal.
  3. The AR-15
    I'm trying to design a new buffer system for an AR. What are the lengths of the carbine and rifle length buffers?
  4. Wanted
    I'm looking for a plain jane A2 butt stock w/ buffer tube/buffer/spring... so a complete A2 stock kit. Needs to be milspec. I know someone has it layin around. It can be used, just not destroyed. I'm open to other butt stocks. Let me know what you have.
  5. The AR-15
    Stock Pinning: Try To Remove Old Pin & Re-Pin New Or Just Get New Buffer Tube & Pin? So I got a new stock to replace my M4 stock on the M&P15. Some background: My current M4 stock is actually pinned and the castle nut is staked well. There is a little bit of a lip on the pin and I'm thinking...
  6. Gun.Deals
    AR M4 .223 Upper Replacement 4 pieces Spring Kit + Free Shipping - $4.99 AR M4 .223 Lower Replacement 9 pieces Spring Kit + Free Shipping - $6.99 Accu Wedge Buffer For AR-15 M-4 S&W M&P Rifles - $3.99 shipped
  7. The AR-15
    I am 1 piece away from getting everything I need to build my first AR build. What buffer tube weight do I use? Not sure what is needed as far as info so I will tell you what I can. Here is a little about the build. 16 inch barrel, mid length gas system, spikes tactical BCG 5.56(nickle boron)...
  8. The AR-15
    when and why would you change buffer weight? i have seen rifle buffers(5 oz) in commercial tubes in a pinned carbine stock set ups and have seen 3 oz buffers in milspec tubes on carbine set ups,.................confused !!!
  9. The AR-15
    when you use a 7.62x39 upper on a std 5.56 carbine lower should you or do you need to use a heavier buffer because of the heavier charged load? i tried to put a 4 oz buffer in my .223 upper and it didn't feed right so i put the 3 oz weight back in and all was good so just wondering if the 4 oz...
  10. Gun.Deals
    Accu Wedge Buffer For AR-15 M-4 S&W M&P Rifles - $3.09 shipped
  11. The AR-15
    I have a bushmaster xm 15, I went to put on a sling adapter (which does not fit) and after watching youtube for disassembly instructions I realized that my buffer tube does not have the same lock nut as many other I have seen (no need for a spanner wrench???) and that mine does not have the"rib"...
  12. Gun.Deals
    Accu Wedge Buffer For AR-15 M-4 S&W M&P Rifles - $3.29 + Free Shipping
  13. The AR-15
    Has any one used these and have you had any issues with them. I used them in two rifles which wont cycle right now. One won't eject the rounds and the other jams the empty shell trying to discharge it. I put in a standard DPMS spring and didnt have the issue.
  14. The AR-15
    Sorry if this has been covered, I searched but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I bought my first black rifle 3 weeks ago (an M&P 15 ORC) and have been on the customizing path. I ordered an Ace ARFX-E stock for it, is the existing buffer tube, buffer, and buffer spring compatible...
  15. The AR-15
    Anyone have good source for adjustable Buffer Tube Kit? Mil Spec 6 Postion. I've found the DPMS for $99.99, so I could go with that one, but any other input is always appreciated. Also Magpul CTR looks good to go?
  16. News Feeds
    This month we will be making some major changes to the site! In this post I'm going to outline some of these changes so you all know what to expect. First, as you all have probably noticed we are growing like crazy! We're about to tip the scales at almost 50,000+ visits per month. We are also...
  17. The AR-15
    I tried to adjust my stock to get it shorter and pinned it since its to long for my taste anyway after finally got the screww out i discovered that its the shortest i can go:( ........well i guess i have to buy a new shorter buffer tube and im interested on the Magpul CTR but till then do i...