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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Budsgunshop refuses to sell legal items to NY residents!!!!This is the first time I have ever put any effort into bashing a company online but I was so appalled by the way they treated me I must. I ordered a archangel stock for my mosin nagant bolt action rifle. The next day I received an...
  2. Handguns
    So, Buds Gun Shop layaway. What is it? Well, it's a layaway service offered by that gives you up to 90 days to pay off any gun on their site. There is a $298 minimum order, and the first payment needs to be 20% of the total. Here was my experience: October 25th I ordered my...
  3. General Firearms
    So there has been few negative things on here lately about Buds. I wish to let you guys know how it goes with my purchase. I have my G20C on Layaway still, almost paid off, and I was getting worried hearing the stories. Well, I bought myself a Christmas present (AND IT'S GOING UNDER THE TREE...
  4. General Firearms
    So I finally decided to give buds gun shop a go. I ordered a g19 ny compliant and thought it was a generation 4. After I ordered I looked back and noticed it did not specifically say generation 4. So I googled the model number to find out it was a generation 3. It was literally 30 minutes...
  5. General Firearms
    Has anyone here ordered a rifle from Buds? If so how was your experience. A good majority of my newer rifles have been purchased from either local gun stores or online through Gunbroker....before the panic pricing. I have always had good luck ordering online with fast shipping times. I recently...
  6. Rifles
    Just an FYI I know some of you had been asking about them. Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop
  7. Firearms in the News
    We all need to boycott buds they will not ship semi autos,knives,or ammo to New York. They also do not post this info on their website I have tried to order 3 different time each time I get an email canceling the order they are only about money and not our rights there is no legal...
  8. General Firearms
    Is it true what I've been hearing..that buds no longer will ship semi autos to ny?
  9. Handguns
    I know nothing about Kahr except most of their guns cost an arm and a leg....however there are some models that are actually fairly inexpensive. I been considering a 40 cal and would like to know if these lower priced models are worth the $$ or are they just thrown together like so many cheaper...
  10. General Firearms
    If your looking to buy a Savage rifle in the next week or so check out Buds, there doing some good prices and apparently giving away every 25th sale free (reimbursing payment if you win I think).
  11. Rifles
    .243 .270 .270 WSM 30-06 7mm Mag 7mm-08 Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop No tax, free shipping.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    So here is what happened. I ordered a couple of things from Buds gun shop. It was when they were doing the give away for the 500k customer. Not thinking anything of it I went ahead and tried to win. A week and a half later I see some fraudulent charges on my bank account. I call the bank, it...
1-12 of 12 Results