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  1. Firearms For Sale
    I’m selling a factory new Browning X Bolt Pro 6.5 PRC. Burnt bronze. If you are in the wny area, I’ll transfer it to you for free at my home based FFL, I’ll also ship. $1800 is a steal, compare to prices online. -AleX
  2. Handguns
    does anyone know of a gunsmith that specializes in the Hi-Power around the Hudson Valley? or as a second option eastern Pa or southern Vermont. Thanks for the Info!
  3. Handguns
    "Sometimes the oldies really are goodies. An excellent choice is the Browning Hi Power for home defense. I was introduced to it bacBrowning Hi Power for Home Defensek in the SF Weapons Sergeant course as a weapon that is used worldwide. If you want a gun that feels like it was made for your...
  4. Rifles
    Thinking about adding a Browning BAR to my modest collection. Anyone have input on this gun. Just want one, I don't hunt. Thought it was a neat looking gun that's all.
  5. Handguns
    All Original miles, One owner (my dad) he handed this off to me and now its in my sweaty little hands... original grips above newer BHP grips that i like better.
  6. Handguns
    Was visiting my dad this weekend and he asked me if i had a 9mm. I said not right now i dont, so he said how would you like my High power? I am still smiling! its almost as old as me and i grew up shooting it. it was his second favorite pistol. he said he paid $118 new! WHen i get it i will...
  7. Shotguns
    Anyone own or have experience with this shotgun? I went to check out a Benelli Sport II this weekend and the guy at the store showed me the Maxus and i think im leaning in that direction. Nicer wood, seems a bit higher quality overall and cheaper. Campsite sports in LI had it for around $1,500...
  8. Accessories and Gear
    Damn, if I hadn't recently gotten rid of all of my "evil black guns", I think I would get one of these! Black Label, Mark II Tactical Series - AR35, 01, Tactical Law Inforcement LE, Military, AR15 Gun Safe, Browning Black Label Gun Safe Product
  9. Shotguns
    Can someone help me date this shotgun? The information on browning's site to date a BPS is kind of misleading and uninformative. If you can message me and ill give you the serial number. Thanks so much.
  10. Handguns
    Robertsons Trading Post on has Browning hi-power 10rd mags for $18 or 10 for $169 plus a few bucks for shipping. Only catch is they will only ship to an ffL, I pointed out the error of their ways but they wouldnt budege. but even with ffl fees i'l be below $20 a mag. Right...
  11. Shotguns
    I have a few 12 gauges and for the passed 3 years i have shot my super black eagle 2. Im tired of the beating and the finger bite. Im now looking at a few new ones. I would like some input on who has shot the new vinci, beretta extreme a400 kick off and the browning maxus. Im torn between these...
  12. Shotguns
    I mistakenly posted this on the rifle sub-forum..... I spotted this Browning BPS last week. It's not the prettiest example out there, but all said and done, I will have well under a $100 into it. It's got some spots where the bluing just isn't there and some marks on the stock, which are...
  13. Rifles
    Anyone have one? Are they durable? What kind of groups do you get from them? Was looking into getting a take down.
  14. Handguns
    Browning Model BDM 9mm P90 anyone have or shoot this? seems to be from the 90's AWB
  15. Rifles
    Does anyone own a modern Browning BAR, or at least shot one at some point in their lives. I saw one at my local gun store, but I have been having some trouble finding any reviews on them online. They look like a decent rifle, but I just want someone's actual real world opinion on it rather than...
  16. Handguns
    For the price, which one of these pistols is the least fussy with ammo, most reliable, easiest to get parts for, ad most importantly fun to shoot without having it jam every shot?
  17. Handguns
    Are preban magazine widely available for these? Are these pistols any good? Does anyne know why they are called high power when it's just a 9mm? I have been looking more into pistols since I got my permit in the works and I want to make a good educated purchase for my first one, I just need...
  18. Shotguns
    On a whim I picked up this bt-99, serial number dates it to 2005. The story I was told is that someone had it cut down and fitted with a Graco recoil reduction system. I'm not sure if it started out as a Micro or a full sized bt99. I'm curious what its really worth, as I may sell it to get...
  19. Shotguns
    I heard about a Browning Citori 525 o/u for sale. Not sure about barrel length, or any other info only that its a 12ga, and in excellent condition. Asking price is $800.00. I did a little bit of research, and this seems awfully cheap. Not being a shotgun(or Browning expert), is there a 525...
1-19 of 34 Results