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  1. Ammunition and Reloading
    Down on LI on vacation and popped into the riverhead walmart 765 old country road and they just got cci and federal 22lr 375 packs, bring a friend or two cuz they only alow one caliber per person. Go get em boys....
  2. Ammunition and Reloading
    Git em fast Rimfire Ammo - 22 Rifle Ammunition - Rimfire Bullets : Cabela's
  3. Introductions
    Hello, I'm Alex. Lived in NYC all my life, but this September, I'm moving to the Capital District for school, so it'll be my first chance to own a rifle. I plan on getting a 22lr, used if I can, sub-$200 because of limited student expenses. Hopefully, the price-gouging of 22lr bricks will be...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    So ... My 6yo daughter and I were sitting in the living room, playing a card game ... UNO. She said that she knew that UNO meant one. Just like the pledge of allegiance. I asked "What do you mean?" She replied "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic...
  5. Ammunition and Reloading
    had about 2 dozen when i left 119$ each i believe but don't hold me to that.
  6. Ammo and Reloading Equipment For Sale
    So i just got these today at gander mountain. Waited in line outside. Was the first ones outside, but they let other people in before me and my girl friend. Plus people were RUNNING to the ammo section. I had these traded to my buddy for remington 22lr. But i just got off the phone with him and...
1-6 of 6 Results