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  1. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    I am new to bow hunting this year, and thinking about buying a laser range finder. Got a very nice bow from a member on here and haven't put it down since March. I have been practicing judging distances by eye every trip to the range by using the size of a target in my sight to make an educated...
  2. Other Weapons
    Anyone here a member of the Double T Archery Club in Amherst, NY? I have been thinking about applying for membership and was wondering what the feel of the place is like. Is it an enjoyable place to shoot? Is the community friendly? Are the grounds nice? And you know the general inside scoop.
  3. Other Weapons
    I picked up a bear mauler a couple months ago and have yet to get out and shoot it, fairly new to archery in general. Im having difficulty figuiring out where I can practice, theres an indoor range at Traditions, but one of the guys there left a really bad taste in my mouth when I was bow...
  4. Other Weapons
    Does anyone on here have extensive knowledge on them? I just found on in my grandather's attic. It measures 67", but has no markings on it at all. I should have pics up soon. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    there is a cheaper way.................... NY man kills deer with shovel after jumped inside - Road Runner :D
  6. Other Weapons
    ok I know nothing about bows, my wife has asked me for a bow for a few years. she wants a I guess they are called long bows, so what do i look for in one? what do i need to know, about them? where do you get them? I know she wants one from the lord of the rings, i dont know if its useable or...
1-6 of 6 Results