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    Didn't see this one posted yet, but didn't do a thorough search. Obamacare, coming to a TV near you: Group aims to insert health care law into show plot lines | Deseret News
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    This month we will be making some major changes to the site! In this post I'm going to outline some of these changes so you all know what to expect. First, as you all have probably noticed we are growing like crazy! We're about to tip the scales at almost 50,000+ visits per month. We are also...
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    Wisconsin: Proposal aims to boost self defense Proposed state legislation would give more legal protection to homeowners and residents who use deadly force to defend themselves from an intruder who has broken in.
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    Connecticut: Women boost gun sales Connecticut gun retailers and educators who run the safety classes required for pistol permit applicants report a surge in first time gun purchases, particularly by women.
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    California: Increased gun sales boost wildlife fund Gun sales have surged in the past six months. Some attribute the increase to worries Barack Obama will push through tougher gun laws. Others say it's merely one part of a broader trend toward survivalist tendencies and that has arisen with the...
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    Louisiana: Your Right of Self Defense Gets a Boost in the House! Today, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted 66-35 in favor of Senate Bill 51, the NRA-backed bill allowing employees and customers to keep firearms locked in their vehicles while parked on a publicly accessible parking lot...