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  1. Carry/Conceal
    Hey guys, first time post here and I did do some searching but couldn't turn anything up. I recently picked up a G19 and a Ritchie IWB holster as well. Its fine holster with really nice leather and craftsmanship but I find that when I wear it at roughly 4 o'clock and cinch up my belt, the...
  2. Gun.Deals
    Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt (lowest price of the season) - $38.83 shipped
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I came across this belt fed AR. dont know if it would be legal or not , but thought some guys would like to know about it Ares-15 MCR Magazine/Belt Fed AR15 5.56 16" - Impact Guns
  4. Carry/Conceal
    5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt 1.5in 59409 FREE S&H 59409-019-L, 59409-019-M, 59409-018-L, 59409-019-XL, 59409-019-XXXL, 59409-192-L, 59409-328-L, 59409-328-M, 59409-019-S, 59409-018-4XL, 59409-018-XXL, 59409-120-M, 59409-018-M, 59409-120-XL, 59409-192-X I'm searching for a new belt that is more...
  5. Accessories and Gear
    Product Review: Hanks Premier Double Leather English Bridle CCW Belt | Concealed Nation
  6. Carry/Conceal
    Can anyone suggest a good black carry belt. Something that would look decent in any and all outfits. (I wear mostly carhartt type work pants.) And especially something that would hold up to all rigorous wear and tear and multiple items on it.
  7. Accessories and Gear
    Anybody here use one of these? I need a new belt and like the idea of adjustability. Which one would be best for owb with a glock 30? Thanks. Original Instructor Belt
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Everyone likes a karma, right? How to enter: Post in this thread stating your favorite firearm that you have actually shot. You don't have to have owned it, but you have to have shot it. What you can win: Handmade (by me) paracord belt in olive drab and coyote tan/brown with a silver colored...
  9. Accessories and Gear
    What is everyone's favorite gun belt? Horsehide, cowhide? Who makes good ones to wear with my G30 owb. Thanks,
  10. Accessories and Gear
    I've been doing a lot of research for a belt for me and my wife. The beltman comes up often but I found The difference looks like the beltman uses two piece of leather stitched together and Bullhide uses only one thick piece. Anyone have any experience with this Bullhide...
  11. Carry/Conceal
    Need to get a new belt for cc in the near future...something a little more sturdy than what I haw now. Anyone have good luck with a specific brand? I have a wilderness belt that does well, but I need a new leather.
  12. VRI Tactical
    10$ off any size in stock VRI Tactical EDC Belt. The belt must be in stock here in our store. We currently have small, medium, large and only one XL in stock. Get them while you can. Sale ends Monday July 30th at midnight. United States orders only. Excludes alaska and Hawaii Clothing > VRI...
  13. VRI Tactical
    EDC Belt Super Sale ends at midnight 5/18/2012 Any in stock size VRI Tactical EDC Belt $29.99 shipping and taxes not included. If you place your order on line, mention in the comments VRI Tactical Face Book special and price will be adjusted before item ships. Spread the word...
  14. VRI Tactical
    Everyone can thank my daughter for this. She was in such a good mood this morning I wanted to do something nice for my customers. Anyone who places a order for a in stock size VRI EDC belt today up until midnight will receive free ground shipping on that item. USA only. Excludes Alaska and...
  15. VRI Tactical
    Come get em while thay last!! VRI EDC belt available at the Rochester Gun Show March 31 and April 1 Clothing > VRI Tactical > VRI Tactical EDC Belt
  16. Accessories and Gear
    Hey guys, I have been watching a ton of youtube videos as usual and I stumbled upon this company. I have never heard of them but from some of the things I have seen about their carry belt they look pretty good! I was curious if anyone on here as heard of or used them? For what they are it doesnt...
  17. Accessories and Gear
    I am looking for a Range/Competitve Gun Belt. I see people with the belts that velcro around them (don't have to put it through belt buckles, easy to get on and off). Looking for some good suggestions--let me know what you are using! Thanks!
  18. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Can anyone shed some light on if a semi 1919 kit is legal in build - own in nys thanks
1-19 of 26 Results