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  1. Wanted
    I don't have much money (Broke 21yo Engineering student) but I have a 3D printer and the skill to use it. I'm looking to trade my 3D printing services for AR15 parts. (I'm NOT printing anyone a lower or other regulated firearm part). I'm looking for basically any parts that will get me closer...
  2. The AR-15
    Palmetto State is having a Black Friday preview sale now.... Full auto profile BCG w/ 158 bolt and charging handle for $89.99 plus shipping. Great deal PTAC 5.56 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group with Charging Handle
  3. The AR-15
    Palmetto has some 5.56 full auto cosmetic blem BCG's in stock for only $99. The bolt is carpenter 158 steel. Good price on a BCG 5.56mm Full-Auto Profile Bolt Carrier Group - Cosmetic Blem, Ready for duty - AR-15 Parts Sale - AR-15
  4. The AR-15
    5.56mm Full-auto Profile Bolt Carrier Group - Complete - Bolt Carrier Groups - Upper Parts - AR-15
  5. The AR-15
    Can anyone chime in on the quality of 8620 steel for a BCG as opposed to 158? I was looking at one that was 8620 for both bolt and carrier and another that was 158 bolt and 8620 carrier. In terms of use that the BCG will get, I run it prob once a month or so at the range and once, maybe twice...
  6. The AR-15
    So this summer I'd like to put together an AR in 5.56. This will be my first. I already possess a lower and I don't want this to be a discussion about legality/evil features etc. I'm looking for information on Bolt Carrier Groups, cuz that is where i'm at in putting together my wish list...
  7. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    SPF I have a new PSA 16" Mid-length Premium Upper - without BCG or charging handle. Comes in original box, came recently, but need to sell. Very nice upper. I have a new unused SMI BCG and a charging handle tp make it complete for $230. I also have a new PSA Premium Classic Lower Build Kit...
  8. The AR-15
    Ok, so how can you tell the difference between full and semi BCG's? I'm new to all this, and I'm assuming that is the difference between full and semi. Also, anyway of changing a BCG from full to semi? If I'm off here, please explain in detail as I'm a newbie n the gun world. Thanks, Ed
  9. The AR-15 has Spike's Tactical BCG's for $135 back in stock. They won't last long, I grabbed a few to try them out. I know they aren't my preferred BCM's but I figured I could try a few for $135. Probably won't last long. Good luck.
  10. The AR-15
    Is this something that can be used in an AR? BCM Bolt Carrier Group MPI Auto M16 What's the difference between this auto BCG and a "standard" BCG?
  11. The AR-15
    Hey all - first post. First AR as well. :) I've purchased a pinned Spike's lower and charging handle, a Bravo Company BCG, and now I'm hunting for a compliant upper to go with them. The options I've liked so far: 1) Bravo Company - a mid-length 14.5" upper with a pinned/welded FSC 556 is a...
  12. Gun.Deals
    M4 Madness - 16'' CMV Chrome-Lined Stripped Upper - without BCG or charging handle - $299.99 + Free Shipping
  13. The AR-15
    Hi, Please I need help finding a place where I can order a chromed Bolt Carrier Group (complete or not) for the 308 AR dpms type. If you know of anyone that has them in stock that would be highly appreciated. Cheers, E.
  14. The AR-15
    So, I was looking for replacement/spare BCG for the bushmaster and I decided to go with the nickel boron coated ones; due to my experience with another rifle and I felt it was worth the try. After looking at several other nickel boron coated BCG's out there, a bit over priced if you ask me, I...
  15. Rifles
    I understand the Colt LE models - non NYS non compliant AWB models ship with the heavier auto carrier. Does anyone know which BCG Colt ships with thier new Match Target rifles 6601, 6700, etc. Thanks
1-15 of 16 Results