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  1. Accessories and Gear
    I put a EGW one piece rail on my MVP and with the rings I had on the original bases left the scope too high. Looked through what rings I had laying around and nothing would get it low enough. Called my friend and he gave me a set of Badger Ordnance low rings that are perfect. I would never spend...
  2. Rifles
    Anyone have any personal input on these two systems as I will be using one of them for my .308 but want to know which would be more reliable with cycling and feeding.
  3. Long Range Precision Shooting
    UPDATE: Just received a brand new rail in the mail. 7/27/2012 So i ordered a badger ordnance rail from SWFA about a week ago and i just opened the little plastic thing it came in and its covered in rust..... I tried to saturated it in oil and wipe it down but it wont come off. Really pissed...
  4. Long Range Precision Shooting
    I have a Remington 700 that has a Badger steel 20moa base and i need rings. I currently have a 1inch tube scope with a 40mm lens. So i would either need a pair of rings that come with the 1in inserts or get a pair and buy the inserts. The inserts alone are like $36 dollars. I am going to upgrade...
  5. Rifles
    BADGER TACTICAL BOLT KNOB BLK - Only $33.97 - Free Shipping, No Tax! BADGER BO30631 Anyone know where I can send my Remington 700 bolt to have one of these installed?
  6. News Feeds
    Youth Hunting Bill Signed into Law in the Badger State! Today, Governor Jim Doyle (D) signed Senate Bill 167 into law.
  7. News Feeds
    "Micro-Stamping" Legislation Proposed in the Badger State! State Senator Spencer Coggs (D-6) and State Representative Leon Young (D-16) have introduced a proposal that would ban the sale of all new semi-automatic pistols not equipped with so-called "micro-stamping" technology. While this...
  8. News Feeds
    Second Amendment Update for the Badger State
1-8 of 8 Results