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    The USDA fights the feral swine in upstate NY with helicopters, night vision, silencers, and mass trapping operations, because using hunters does not work and are part of the problem (hunters allegedly commonly release wild boar in the wild to hunt in NY??). Wonder if the USDA *silent death...
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    Bet that got your attention! Actually, they banned all pork products. Surprised no one else has posted this yet, actually. Why Did a Tennessee Grade School Ban Pork? | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes Of course the pork ban didn't last. But if it had and my kid went to school there, you...
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    2 bottles of svenska red....Bacon, Chicken, peppers onions juliet tomatoes and pineapple...Don't forget the Jack Daniels marinade.....
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    Not my recipes (well now they are!!!) and not my pictures - but have made both several times and both are really really good ... Bacon Fudge: for the candied bacon: ½ lb. bacon brown sugar, for dredging for the fudge: 12 oz. bittersweet or dark chocolate, chips or chopped 14 oz. can...
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    Just made this .....just ate this ..... went well with Guinness - picture and recipe not mine ... Candied Maple Bacon 8 strips of maple bacon 4 tablespoons maple sugar Pumpkin Cake 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2...
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    Last Friday was the auction for my kids' school, and we won a class project from my daughter's class. They made a poster of themselves as super-heroes. Of course I looked at her drawing, but hadn't really paid too much attention to the others until I went to hang the poster today. This one...
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    Bacon Alarm Clock - I bet Smurfette has one of these already!
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    let it be real, let it, please.
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    Came across this site, seems fitting for so many bacon lovers here..heh Hands Off My Bacon! The petition (taken from the site) In 1915, Winston Churchill wrote to his wife, Clementine, from the trenches in France describing a recent attack: "We hastily seized our eggs and bacon, bread and...
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    I just saw a sign while I was driving home today announcing a Bacon Fest here in Hudson, NY columbia county. If I had known earlier I would have posted about it. Hudson, NY bacon fest september 2 - Bing News
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    J&D's Bacon Coffin and of course for those of us who aren't ready for the grave yet... J&D's baconlube
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    You had me at……. . | Little White Lion
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    I love bacon but not this much! Bacon Coffin
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    Calling Smurfette, lol. CMMG Tactical Bacon, CMMG Inc. AR15 Rifles, Parts and Accessories. .22 LR Dedicated AR-15 Rifles, Dedicated AR 15 9mm Rifles and Uppers, Tactical Bacon
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    With all the bacon references in this could I not post the dumb thing up? Careful watching around the youngins'..there are a few curse words, and some general mental deficiencies sprinkled throughout :) Epic Meat Fest :: Hell TV Jeff (teet)
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    Seeing as so many of the off topic posters seem to be such bacon aficionados, I thought I'd post the tattoo my friend Dani just got on her leg. By comparison, I'd say the rest of you Bacon'ers are slacking off.
1-20 of 33 Results