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  1. General Firearms
    Well first I am in a bit of shock because Ive never won anything big or like this at all, and Ive entered raffles, and all sorts of stuff before, but this is a first big win and I didnt even know I was entering anything. I had my choice of caliber .223 .243 .308 .270 .30-06 I went with .223...
  2. Rifles
    Yeah, I know it's a budget rifle, however, I still love it. What are your thoughts on putting on a muzzle brake that does not thread the barrel since I have no threads? I couldn't find one for a reasonable price. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Rifles
    Can anyone tell me if their Savage axis bolt handle wobbles a little bit in the closed position? I just want to make sure this is normal and not something wrong with the gun. Thank you! If you need a better idea of what I am talking about, I can upload a video upon request.
  4. Rifles
    Hey does anyone know if there is an extended magazine for the savage axis xp .308? I have done some searching and find it hard to believe that one does not exist for this model? Maybe Ive looked in the wrong places? I know 10 rounders exist for all other savage models in .308. Im also a...
  5. Rifles
    So I am looking to get an entry level .223 bolt action rifle. I have looked into the Savage Axis, Marlin X7 as well as the Stevens 200. I was just wondering if there were other options for around the $300 range that I am not aware of. I was also wondering if anyone had any hands on experience...
  6. General Firearms
    Just about done with my bolt action GSR rifle build project... (info on GSR concept, etc... at WARRIOR TALK NEWS: GUERRILLA SNIPING ) or... here WARRIOR TALK NEWS - Designated Marksman/Guerrilla Sniper Rifles: What is the Ideal Solution? the build info and specs...
  7. Rifles
    I picked up a savage axis in 223 about a month ago. I finally got a chance to take it to the range yesterday and shoot it for the first time. The only bad thing about the axis is the trigger imo. I found a vid on youtube to help lighten it up some. It's better than what it was, light enough for...
  8. Rifles
    So I saw a deal at my LGS for a Savage Axis 30.06 for $350 and has a scope on it already (unknown power) and I think he said it comes with a case. Is that a pretty good deal? I want to get into long range shooting and possible have a rifle to go hunting with if I decide to start hunting. I was...
  9. Rifles
    I'm looking at a axis sr in .223, this will mostly be a target gun. Anyone have any knowledge of these rifle? What should i expect in terms of reliability? Savage AXIS SR 223 TB $298.00 SHIPS FREE
  10. Vendors
    We have a weekend special on a Savage XP AXIS new with Bushnell 3x9x40 scope. $299 with tax. Shipping extra $20. Comes with Davidsons lifetime warranty. Description: SAV AXIS XP BA 7MM-08 DBM 22B Manufacturer: Savage Arms Model #: Savage AXIS XP Type: Rifle Finish: Matte Black Stock: Black...
  11. Rifles
    Has anyone had the opportunity to own or shoot this rifle? It appears to be a budget rifle (400$ MRSP for stainless, which seems to be a great deal). Any insight to the quality and make of this gun would be appreciated.
  12. Rifles
    Looking to build a budget .308 Would you guys recommend the Marlin 308, Savage axis, or Remington 700ADL? Trying to find something without a ton of bolt play (like how the 770 is and the bolt moves around quite a bit) so I would really like a solid bolt.
  13. Vendors
    I have a Savage XP Axis in stock from leftover order. Priced to move. It is in .308 with a 3x9x40 scope mounted. Total out the door is $335 Description:SAV AXIS XP BA 308 DBM 22B SCPManufacturer:Savage ArmsModel #:Savage AXIS XPType:RifleFinish:Matte BlackStock:Black Synthetic StockSights:No...
  14. Vendors
    I have a sale on Savage AXIS in .308. They come with Davidsons Warranty. They have 22" free float barrels synthetic stock drilled and tapped for scope detachable magazine. Sale price $275 +tax. Shipping included! Deal good while supplies last.
  15. Rifles
    Just picked up a Savage Axis .223 at Walmart for $267+tax today. You guys may want to check out Walmart more often. It seems they are getting a little more variety. I got this one at the Oneonta Walmart. My local Walmart in Vestal had a Remington 597 Camo 22lr which I rarely see a camo just the...
  16. Rifles
    Added a Savage Axis rifle in .223 Rem to our collection today. It's a great entry bolt action rifle. Added a Bushnell 3X -9X scope thing is shooting 1" groups out to 100 yards. All for under 400.00 with tax.
1-16 of 16 Results