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    Thought I'd share this with you's simple, clean and gets the message across even if reduced to an Avatar size. Worth copying for your Facebook Page :)
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    Ive noticed some cool avatars lately and I think most people choose an avatar that "says" something about themselves. Obviously, by my username I am from celtic heritage. My fathers side is Irish as far back as records go (although my last name is actually from Galloway Scotland) and my...
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    Coming back from picking up something from another member this morning I couldn't pass it up... And yes, it is in NY, lol.
  4. Announcements and Site Help
    Hi, I noticed tonight that my posting in a thread showed an avatar by my name. I have never used an avatar before nor tried to have one now. Should I worry about the integrity of my account or is it just a glitch?
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    Figured it was time to add one...and what better one than Charlton Heston in The Omega Man, picking off zombies... Thought he was the coolest when I first saw Planet of the Apes as a kid back in the early 70's. And as a salute to Mr. Heston:
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    Never had one before. Since I am a doctor, and own firearms, some would consider me Dr. Evil
  7. Introductions
    My avatar pic that is a normal picture is uploading side ways any suggestions?
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    Capitol Confidential » Taking aim at Cuomo
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    May want to look here... Damn Fresh Pics: Hot Babes With Guns
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    Ok was wondering where is the settings to add a Avatar and Signature in your profile? can not seem to find the setting for it..
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    Can't figure out how to change or create an avatar on this forum. Can someone give me some instructions please? Thank you.
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    Texas tan line...
  13. Introductions
    I will take this avatar down if it bugs people. So sound off!
1-13 of 13 Results