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    Just putting this up for fun because I enjoyed it. QUIZ: Modern Art or Children's Drawings? | Bored Panda I fully admit to getting more wrong answers than I did right and for the most part I had to choose somewhat at random. That either means that I don't know art or that modern art is...
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    For a friend's bday I was hoping to commission someone to make a cartoony depiction of her with a couple characters from her fave show. I have some examples of what I would love but am open to any styles. Any interested artists, let me know.
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    This thing just blew my mind. Guns DO Grow on Trees! - YouTube
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    KALASHNIKOV - AK47 (LIFE-SIZE REPLICA) | Trade Me Assault Rifle Made Of Bones: New Zealand Artist Mahalski's AK-47 Art Is Creepy, For Sale (PHOTO) | GALLERY
  6. Firearms in the News
    My son is watching a Planet of the Apes marathon on amc and it is kind of freakin me out. Remind you of anything?
  7. Firearms in the News
    This was painful to watch...first because of long commercials, then because the news host is so annoying.....but then it gets really bad when they show what was done to these rifles....I want to call it a war crime. You have been warned. AK-47's get bedazzled as part of art exhibit - Yahoo!
  8. General Firearms
    maybe anti gun art Artists turn weapons into art | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! News
  9. Long Range Precision Shooting
    After yesterday's match at Odessa I was about to clean my rifle when I noticed this bit of Muzzle Art;
  10. Long Range Precision Shooting
    The Art of Wind Calls Wind in LRP is a female, she needs to be figured out, caressed, softly talked too, pampered, squeezed and at times manhandled, but in the end, can still be a bitch. (Any females reading this please reverse the analogy). Wind calls are one of the two most important...
  11. Shotguns
    Grulla Armas fabricante de armas y escopetas a medida riffle paralela lujo fina para caza cotos armeria cartucho fincas cerrojo eibar guipuzcoa obras arte cazadores accesorios
  12. General Firearms
    Was in the stocking this morning - gave it a quick once over and it looks like it will be a good watch ..... I'll let everyone know how it is.
  13. VRI Tactical
    Coming soon to VRI Tactical Watch out for future announcements YouTube - Art of the Precision Rifle -Magpul Dynamics Teaser Trailer
  14. VRI Tactical
    $36.99 FREE SHIPPING, TWO DAY SALE Ends 10/29/2010 at 12PM EST (OK,it's actually a day and a half sale) ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS NOW! SHIPPING IN NOVEMBER.