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  1. Rifles
    I think the time has come for me to seriously consider stepping into the world of modern rifles. I love my old milsurps, but after hauling one around in the woods this deer season, I realized I need to step up my game. I'd like to do some coyote hunting and like the looks of the SCR. I've seen...
  2. Firearms For Sale
    Make: ARES Model: SCR 010 (ARES SCR™ America's Sport Rifle™) Caliber: 223/5.56 Barrel: 16.25'' Serial#: SCR-022x Capacity: 5-round magazine Condition: New, 50 rounds during scope...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I called the license division at August, and they did a couple days of research on it, and when I called them back they sad is LEGAL in NYC and they will register it. Ibought one at the end of August from Coliseum Gun Traders. License division received documents on August 29 2014, Yesterday I...
  4. Preparedness
    Ares Armor RAD Pack ~ Yeah i dont know about this one!
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Been looking around for 80% lowers, and a lot of the regular places are out of stock. Found Ares Armor Tactical Gear with an anodized 80% lower for $90 plus ship. I check the page... Yup, add to cart is there. I click checkout... Yup, it's letting me do it. I pay. Everything goes through...
  6. Accessories and Gear
    Hey guys, I have been watching a ton of youtube videos as usual and I stumbled upon this company. I have never heard of them but from some of the things I have seen about their carry belt they look pretty good! I was curious if anyone on here as heard of or used them? For what they are it doesnt...
1-6 of 6 Results